Wrong Division Playlist: June 20, 2019

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Kijani Eshe "Mercutio" from Sun Sets Over Ikea
Wax Fruit "Julian and Juliet" from Drowned By The World We Live In
Sloopy McCoy "Just A Charade" from Tremor and Slip
Aster "Always" from Always Already
Cube "Alkaline" from Decoy Street
Curt Oren "Moab" from For Sam Forever Ago
Olivia Neutron-John "Beguine" from Olivia Neutron-John
Collate "Selective Memory" from Communication b/w Selective Memory
Conditioner Disco Group "Over Documented" from CDGLP
The Pornography Glows "Humanism" from 12" 
Dialer "Astral Rejection" from Dialer/Chronic Anxiety Split
Casual Hex "Still Life" from Zig Zag Lady Illusion
Maneka "Never Nowhere" from Devin
Sallow "Wound" from Wound
Death Valley "Wavelengths" from Stuntwoman b/w Wavelengths
Pleather "весна" from Pleather
Not for You "Hiding" from Drift 
Primitive Teeth "Plastic" from Primitive Teeth
Slugs "She Never Loved You" from Don't
Cellular Chaos "Hysterical" from Diamond Teeth Clenched
Quid Quo "Amateur Econ" from Apaintedroomisasmallerroom
The Wayward "Lattice" from Plutonic
Prosecco "fool" from Demo
Stillsuit "Telephone" from Stillsuit
Body Leash "Shell of a shell" from Flesh & Trash
Dead Tenants "Outrun" from LPII
Nü Sensae "Spit Gifting" from Sundowning
The Ex "Apathy Disease" from Singles. Period.
The Blackouts "It's Clay Again" from History In Reverse
Polvo "Can I Ride" from Cor-Crane Secret
Ovlov "The Best of You" from Tru
Sicbay "Listen To Sound" from The Firelit S'coughs