This Week in St. Louis: Mar. 11 - 17, 2019

MON. MAR. 11

@ El Lenador | 9pm | $5-$7
-Olivia Neutron-John (PA)
-Ghost Ice
-Jane Wave

After years of renowned live sets and a word of mouth that's spread like wildfire, Olivia Neutron-John is on the verge of releasing their first full-length album through Sister Polygon Records. The single, "March," dropped just a few weeks back, giving the first glimpse into an ambitious set of songs that were mixed and mastered by Deerhoof's Greg Saunier. 

WED. MAR. 13

Wed. Mar. 13 @ Foam
7pm | $8
-Dead Rider (Chicago, IL)
-Black Spade

Dead Rider is an unnatural evolution of the modern rock and roll band fronted by U.S. Maple guitarist Todd Rittmann. The disjointed sound evokes a sense of funk on uneven ground, made ever more menacing by Rittmann's subtle croons and soulful moans. The show itself casts a wide net of noise with opening sets from hip-hop juggernaut Black Spade and the avant string duo Apathist! 

FRI. MAR. 15

@ CBGB | 9pm | $5 | 21+
-Sexy Dex and the Fresh (New Orleans, LA)
-Sea Priestess
-Sloopy McCoy

While Sexy Dex and the Fresh is unrelenting in its execution of neon-soaked pop, hints of shoegaze bubble up from time to time. This is a band plucked right from the cyberpunk streets of 2099, unphased from the jet lag typically caused by time travel. There's an ethereal sound here that makes Sexy Dex and company feel untouchable, and those cosmic vibes are present in every inch of the band's raw funk. 

@ Foam | 9pm | $7 | all ages
-Dimesack (Kansas City, MO)
-Crush Crusher (Oklahoma City, OK)
-Mala Leche
-Ace Of Spit

Whether you're familiar with KC outfit Phantom Head or not, guitarist Dan Ohm leaves very specific indentations in whatever punk or hardcore band he's a part of. Dimesack carries on the sordid squalor of his former bands while trudging through a new brand of swampy sludge. With members of American Hate and many more OKC punk royalty, Crush Crusher blasts through a frenetic set of fast-paced songs that rarely rip for more than a minute. 

SUN. MAR. 17

@ Foam | 8pm | $10 | all ages
-Lala Lala (Chicago, IL)
-Bugg (IN)
-The Funs
-Pineapple RNR

Despite Lala Lala's dark and somber indie sound, there's a bright side that's always present. The band is simply catchy throughout and that's just one of many feats achieved on their latest full-length The Lamp, released through Hardly Art this past September. And look, Ben from Drool is on drums. Bugg also brings its Bloomington grunge to this all-star bill.

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