This Week In St. Louis: Feb. 18 - 24, 2019

MON. FEB. 18

@ Off Broadway | 8pm | free
-Pussy Foot (Chicago, IL)
-The Funs

Pussy Foot's warped punk has a glossy sheen thanks to its cymbal-heavy beats and lush guitar sound. The band's density can't be overstated, and that full sound backs up solid and driving songwriting. The whole show is stacked from top to bottom with local favorites, including Glued whose new record comes out in just a few short weeks. 

SAT. FEB. 23

@ Pop's Blue Moon | 8pm | free
-JoAnn McNeil
-Head Dress
-Blank Thomas
-Eric Hall

Between the lineup, live projections by GlitchGirl and the little catch that this is a booze-free event, this show has a special vibe. Scrambled synths, fragmented beats and long form ambient music fills the cozy quarters at Pop's Blue Moon. Been missing Master Pieza? They'll be on hand to whip up made-to-order pizzas alongside the non-alcoholic craft drinks, herbal tea/juice blends and more on offer.  

These are just some highlights. See the side bar for more!