This Week In St. Louis: Dec. 3 - 9, 2018


@ Kerr Foundation | 9pm | $5-$10
-Cube (Oakland, CA)
-Ra Child
-Ethiks' Mind

With the bitter cold moving in, it can be hard to find the motivation to venture outside your house, but a show like this is a can't-miss event with the diverse mix of rap, punk and electronic -- even if the acts very loosely fit those terms. The multi-tiered Kerr Foundation is just as much part of the show as the wide range of performing artists. 


@ Foam | 9pm | $8 | all ages
-Stove (NY)
-Maneka (NY)

Stove's melodic rock has all the heavy lifting of a grunge outfit with shimmery, melodic riffs that put the band's grand gestures into context. Propulsive drumming drives a thick mesh of guitars that seamlessly bleed into one another, making for a set of songs that can feel both compact and massive. Maneka walks a tight-rope of indie and experimental rock, using familiar tools to craft an otherwise alien sound. 


@ El Lenador | 7:30pm | $5-$7
-Monobody (Chicago, IL)
-Holy Posers
-Lobby Boxer
-Jr. Clooney

Monobody seems to subvert itself on a constant basis, using sharp staccato breaks between bouts of polyrhythmic madness to build a sense of density. The musicianship is top notch here, even coming off as relentless in the band's more intense sections. Monobody's injection of jazz into post-rock is an approach shared by St. Louis' own Jr. Clooney, who rounds out the show alongside Holy Posers and the brain-bending Lobby Boxer. 

These are just some highlights. See the side bar for more!