This Week In St. Louis: Nov. 5 - 11, 2018


@ Bolozone | 8pm
-C.H.E.W. (Chicago, IL)
-Newt Patrol
-Body Leash

Both frantic and frenetic, Chicago's C.H.E.W. makes a wiry kind of hardcore that's rife with sharp starts and stops and wild left-turns. As if you needed any more reason to go, the local lineup is crazy diverse between Kiki's spacey punk and the solo noise-rock stylings of Body Leash. 


@ 560 Music Center | 8pm | $10-$20
New Music Circle presents:
-Ellen Fullman

What's so remarkable about Ellen Fullman's Long String Instrument -- other than the fact that she's been performing with it for more than 30 years -- is that she invented both the device and a method of playing it. Her shows are not only a rarity, but they're experiential in nature and a spectacle at that. Arriving on time is recommended if you want to have a close look, but there really won't be a bad seat in the house at the 560. 

@ The Nest | 8:40pm
-Reighnbeau (CO)
-Golden Curls

If you're trying to find this event on Facebook, it's billed as the "PARTY OF THE YEAR LIVE MUSIC SHOW YEAHH." Note the two Hs. Even without the party vibe, this is more than worth your eyes and ears with Reighnbeau leading a solid trio of performances. The Colorado-based artist builds careful but kinetic songs that explore a wide range of electronic subgenres. 

SAT. NOV. 10

@ Schlafly Tap Room| 9pm | free | all ages
-Buildings (Minneapolis, MN)
-The Conformists
-Maximum Effort

Buildings' metallic rock weighs a ton. The Minneapolis outfit moves along at a heavy, lumbering pace, sneaking in odd time signatures in subtle ways. The Conformists are St. Louis' longest running avant-rock band, drawing on influence from '90s noise rock while sculpting a sound that's wholly their own. 

These are just some highlights. See the side bar for more!