This Week In St. Louis: Oct. 22 - 28, 2018


@ Foam | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Dead Tenants (NY)
-Space Cubs (NY)
-Whsky Janetor
-Body Leash

Dead Tenants makes the purest form of angular noise rock as a stripped-down power trio that leans on scratchy and acidic riffs. The bass here is used a melodic bedrock, keeping the songs heavy and anchored down. New York's Space Cubs adds a little buoyancy to an already diverse bill featuring odd-pop antics from Whsky Janetor and the percussive powerhouse of Body Leash. 

WED. OCT. 24

@ El Lenador | 9pm | $7-$10 | all ages
-Gel Set (LA)
-Profligate (LA)
-Tashi Dorji (NC)
-Data Bank
-DJ Urlike

Hump day is in full effect with subversive synthesizers and circuit-bent beats. A stand-out on this show is Tashi Dorji, the only act set to perform without a set of danceable songs. The guitarist molds shapely free-improvisations out of gnar and wiry riffing. Fresh off a recent and lengthy hiatus, Willis returns with new sounds in the spooky key of cobwebs and rotted wood. 

@ The Nest | 9pm | $5-$7
-Cyber Pink (Chicago, IL)

If you're into Chicago's Negative Scanner, then it will be hard not to recognize the howling vocals from lead singer Rebecca Valeriano-Flores. Here she fronts the hardcore-leaning Cyber Pink, who runs through brief, caffeinated stints of free-wheeling punk at mach speed. Kiki shows have been rare as of late, and as if you needed any more reason to go, Headbutt debuts with members of Dentist, Nibiru, Royal Brat, Shux and more. 

FRI. OCT. 26

@ The Juice | 9pm | $7
-Kee Avil (Montreal)
-Black Givre (Montreal)
-TomDirt + Joe Hess
-Danielle Taylor

Kee Avil's music is haunting yet subtle, taking on varied forms throughout the span of a single set. Using strings and voice as a base, the artist molds a sculpture of sound that emits a tranquil vibe. St. Louis' own Danielle Taylor is the perfect foil, offering a solo harp-based compositions with strong and commanding presence. 

SAT. OCT. 27

@ El Lenador | 9pm
-BB & the Blips (Australia)
-Warm Bodies (Kansas City, MO)
-Black Panties
-Lumpy and the Dumper
As if the Australian punks in BB & the Blips weren't enough of a draw, Lumpy and the Dumpers and Black Panties will both be performing for the very last time. It's the end of an era for St. Louis, one that started in 2012 but will end with an exclamation mark in 2018. Hot off their latest release, Q rounds out the show with KC snot-rockers Warm Bodies in tow. 

These are just some highlights. See the side bar for more!