Wrong Division Playlist: Aug. 30, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Animal Lover “intro” from Stay Alive
Animal Lover “Dreamhouse” from Stay Alive
Bugs and Rats “Boys Are Dumb” from Bugs and Rats
GUERILLA TOSS “Green Apple” from Twisted Crystal
Horse Lords “Bending to the Lash” from Interventions
Xbxrx “Towers of Silence” from Wars
Cave “San' Yago” from Allways
Palm “Forced Hand” from Rock Island
Don Gero “Water Pillar I” from Wizarding
Cages “Savasana” from Inside a Ringing Chord
Lair “Bojangles Out of Orbit” from Test
Golden Oriole “Až Přijde Kocour” from Golden Oriole
No Thanks “Jackhammer” from The Trial
Negative Scanner “Nose Picker” from Nose Picker
Pineapple RNR “Merferd in Bondage” from Pineapple Rik n Roll EP
Lithics “Boyce” from Mating Surfaces
The Fordists “A Deranged Man” from Watch You
Little Big Bangs “Saccharine” from I Like It Here
A Deer A Horse “Backswimmer” from Backswimmer
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan “A Star Over Pureland” from YT//ST
Shoppers “vii” from Silver Year
Nibiru “Perpetual Motion Machine” from Perpetual Motion Machine
Roomrunner “Chrono Trigger” from Separate - EP
This is My Condition and Dan Kozak “This Mission Pt. 1” from This Mission
Many Arms “Pathways Through to Space” from Suspended Definition
Anwar Sadat “Ersatz Living” from Ersatz Living
Trauma Harness “Hydroelectricity” from Advent Calendar