Wrong Division Playlist: Aug. 30, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Animal Lover “intro” from Stay Alive
Animal Lover “Dreamhouse” from Stay Alive
Bugs and Rats “Boys Are Dumb” from Bugs and Rats
GUERILLA TOSS “Green Apple” from Twisted Crystal
Horse Lords “Bending to the Lash” from Interventions
Xbxrx “Towers of Silence” from Wars
Cave “San' Yago” from Allways
Palm “Forced Hand” from Rock Island
Don Gero “Water Pillar I” from Wizarding
Cages “Savasana” from Inside a Ringing Chord
Lair “Bojangles Out of Orbit” from Test
Golden Oriole “Až Přijde Kocour” from Golden Oriole
No Thanks “Jackhammer” from The Trial
Negative Scanner “Nose Picker” from Nose Picker
Pineapple RNR “Merferd in Bondage” from Pineapple Rik n Roll EP
Lithics “Boyce” from Mating Surfaces
The Fordists “A Deranged Man” from Watch You
Little Big Bangs “Saccharine” from I Like It Here
A Deer A Horse “Backswimmer” from Backswimmer
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan “A Star Over Pureland” from YT//ST
Shoppers “vii” from Silver Year
Nibiru “Perpetual Motion Machine” from Perpetual Motion Machine
Roomrunner “Chrono Trigger” from Separate - EP
This is My Condition and Dan Kozak “This Mission Pt. 1” from This Mission
Many Arms “Pathways Through to Space” from Suspended Definition
Anwar Sadat “Ersatz Living” from Ersatz Living
Trauma Harness “Hydroelectricity” from Advent Calendar

This Week In St. Louis: Aug. 27 - Sep. 2, 2018

MON. AUG. 27

@ Foam | 8pm | $5-$7 | all ages
-Half Tramp (MN)
-Melissa Jones (MN)

Half Tramp makes slow-moving and melancholy songs that sound as if they're being sang at you from the bottom of a well. The support for this shows brings two new south city favs in Toaster and Waterproof -- the latter of which released one of the most infectious post-punk tapes in 2018. 

WED. AUG. 29

@ Foam | 9pm | $7
-Bob Bucko Jr/Alexander Adams (IA/IL)
-Blank Thomas
-JoAnn McNeil

If the name Bob Bucko Jr feels familiar, that might be because the Dubuque, Iowa native has hit St. Louis several times in the last year. Yet, for all his repeat visits, Bob has brought a different project and ultimately a different vibe to each show. On this tour, Chicago drummer Alexander Adams offers a tireless bedrock of dense percussion to join Bob's sinewy saxophone. 


@ Foam | 7pm | $5
Benefit for Women's Safehouse:
-Blight Future
-Daytime Television

Between Redbait's harrowing punk and Daytime Television spacey shoegaze, this show offers a wide spectrum of sound that ranges from heady to heavy. While the point of this event is awareness and fundraising for Women's Safehouse, the bands on hand would be worth seeing regardless of the cause. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: Aug. 23, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Waterproof “rodeo” from In Cod We Trust
Half Tramp “go go go” from This problem has no name
Sea Priestess “Please Tell Me” from Last Year's Paper Fan. A Night With A Clear Moon.
GRÜN WASSER “Fallen Knight” from Predator/Prey
Sissy Spacek “Outer Dialog” from Ways of Confusion
Drekka “Sense of Senses” from Examinations: 2016-2018
Blank Thomas “Virtual Cruise” from Arrangements for Argumentative Slop
Adams/Bucko Duo “Chill Balloon” from Spring
Azaleas “Sapphire” from Sapphire
Exusamwa “Valley of Diamonds” from Excusez-Moi!
Ex Models “Chrome Panthers” from Chrome Panthers - EP
Nü Sensae “Whispering Rule” from Sundowning
Shearing Pinx “Factory Sealed” from People
No Babies “False Binary” from Someone to Watch Over Me
Blank Spell “Dream-fearing” from Miasma LP
Stillsuit “4” from Stillsuit
Soft Shoulder “Fabric Softener” from Songs and Intermissions
Palberta “Susan” from Special Worship
Doomsday Student “The First Trip” from A Self-Help Tragedy
Curse Purse “Message CP” from Curse Purse
PRE “Dweller” from Third Album
SAICOBAB “Bx Ax Bx” from Sab Se Purani Bab
Goat “fp” from Rhythm & Sound
Koenjihyakkei “PHLESSTTIGHAS” from Dhorimviskha
The Conformists “Hail Spraytan” from Divorce

This Week In St. Louis: Aug. 20 - 26, 2018

WED. AUG. 22

-Bach Tang (Minneapolis, MN)
-Big Bo Peep
-Pineapple RNR
-Sex Bam Bam

Bach Tang makes loose, hooky post-punk with tongues planted firmly in cheek. It's not often that two bands play their first ever sets at the same show, but Big Bo Peep and Sex Bam Bam will both make their debut on this night. Pineapple RNR is the obvious icing on this cake. 

FRI. AUG. 24

@ Foam | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Grün Wasser (Chicago, IL)
-Sea Priestess

The Chicago duo of Grun Wasser embodies a goth vibe with a flexible, intangible set of synth hymns headed by harrowing vocal leads. With a core of swampy synth lines, the overall feel is very weighty without relying on the use of volume or extreme contrast. 

SAT. AUG. 25

9:30pm | all ages
-Slüsk (Columbia, MO)
-Acid Leather (Columbia, MO)
-Lumpy and the Dumpers

Slusk hits every item on whatever checklist might exist for a good hardcore band. Sharp no-frills drumming, dark chords and a gritty voice all make for a blood-boiling set of songs. Lumpy and the Dumpers don't play as often as they used to and they might actually be the least heavy band on the show. More than enough reasons to go. 

SUN. AUG. 26

@ El Lenador | 9pm
-Sissy Spacek (Los Angeles, CA)
-Ghost Ice

For the most part, Sissy Spacek is a pulverizing powerviolence duo that makes use of electronics in its quick blink-and-you'll-miss-it songs. The chaos is controlled by one John Wiese who, not only a year ago, came to St. Louis to head an large improvisational ensemble. Toto, formerly known as DJ Dog Dick, lends a party vibe with, you probably guessed from the name, a DJ set. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: Aug. 16, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

BB Eye “Headcheese Heartthrob” from Headcheese Heartthrob
Janitor Scum “Gummequin” from Janitor Scum
Bach Tang “Crystal or My Sin” from A Lad Insane
Pineapple RNR “Teenager” from Pineapple Rik n Roll EP
Mentira “La Tregua” from Toda Tu Vida Es Una Mentira
Blank Spell “echo chamber” from Miasma
Behavior “Topanga Keepsake” from Bitter Bitter LP
The Sediment Club “B and the electric kill” from Kicked Back Into The Crypt
The Dreebs “Marble Head” from Forest of a Crew
Chat Logs “Turned Heel” from Am I Right or am I Right?
Weakwick “Curl” from Whistle Along
Lair “Sleeper Agent Man” from Test
Gnarwhal “Marathon Ripper” from Crucial
Parlor Walls “Isolator” from EXO
Cellular Chaos “Diamond Teeth Clenched” from Diamond Teeth Clenched
Sojii “adagio” from Sojii
Guerilla Toss “Meteorological” from Twisted Crystal
Yellow Magic Orchestra “Solid State Survivor” from Solid State Survivor
Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa “Benbelo” from Are Euphoria
Yowie “Eternally Collapsing Object” from Damning With Faint Praise - EP
Fischessen “Ein Traum in Blau” from Der Tote Winkel
Hasps “Tape Side B” from Hasps
Neptune “Triple Your Money” from Silent Partner
Ahleuchatistas “Power With” from Arrebato
Black Pus “Hear No Evil” from All My Relations (Bonus Track Version)
Arvid Noe “Silverfish” from Rock and Roll Circus
Birthing Hips “I Want This Place Impeccable” from Urge to Merge

This Week In St. Louis: Aug. 13 - 19, 2018

TUE. AUG. 14

@ Strawberry Bounce House | 8:30pm
-Queer Kevin (Columbus, OH)
-Dump Him (Boston, MA)

Queer Kevin takes a minimalist approach to its setup -- little more than a bass, amp and drums -- but the duo's sound is deep and harrowing. The two use space to a great degree to further accentuate all the sharp, percussive elements underneath low and warbling riffing. 

THU. AUG. 16

@ Bonerville | 9pm | $5-$7
-Woof (New Orleans, LA)
-Miracle Whip

Besides having the best band name in recent memory, Woof makes molten d-beat hardcore by way of the Bayou. Arrive on time for Miracle Whip, a new band featuring members of Body Leash, Jr. Clooney, Waterproof and many more bands. 

SAT. AUG. 18

@ Rootwad Park | 8pm
-Janitor Scum (Calgary)
-BB Eye

This show marks the last stop on a tour that has brought BB Eye and Janitor Scum up the east coast and through the midwest. Rootwad Park can be hard to find, but if you've been to the Kerr Foundation, the spot is right near the building. 8pm means 8pm -- no punk time here. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: Aug. 9, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

No Thanks “Jackhammer” from The Trial
Fischessen “Mein Liebster Feind” from Der Tote Winkel
Behavior “Topanga Keepsake” from Bitter Bitter
Telomere Repair “Bang You” from Telomere Repair
Alex Cunningham “Harebrain” from Fiddle
Good for Cows “Invisible Goth” from Audumla
Green Milk From the Planet Orange “OMGS” from City Calls Revolution
Little Big Bangs “Saccharine” from I Like It Here
Erase Errata “Driving Test” from At Crystal Palace
Eula “Aplomb” from Wool Sucking
Parlor Walls “Neuromancer” from EXO
Night Burger “FMM” from Burnin' Fast
The Channels “See No Reason” from Double Negative
Palberta “Roach Goin' Down” from Roach Goin' Down
Fag Static “Off But On” from Ficcanaso
Sexual Jeremy “clown” from Chuck Weekend
Tanning Machine “half life” from Compulsion
Birthing Hips “Droplet” from Urge to Merge
Pallas “Itchy Feet (Location 12)” from Pallas 12"
Palm “Crank” from Trading Basics
Goat “on fire” from Rhythm & Sound
Sediment Club “The Payoff” from Stucco Thieves
The Dreebs “My Killer” from Forest of a Crew
Imelda Marcos “Henna Pinwheel​-​Fashioner” from Dalawa
Yowie “Ineffable Dolphin Communion” from Synchromysticism
Dead Rider “The Ideal” from Crew Licks
Dog “Cyborg Messiah” from Trash Temple
Shimmer “Crystal Listerine” from Shimmer
The Conformists “Tax Deduction” from Three Hundred
Body Meat “Plant” from Redux
Protoculture “Solid Rocket” from Pod Window

This Week In St. Louis: Aug. 6 - 12, 2018


@ Foam | 8:30pm
-Curt Oren (Chicago, IL)
-Real Dom
-Kaleb Kirby
-Antonio Leone

While Curt Oren identifies as a saxophonist, his new album explores the full range of his approach to sculpting sound. Likewise, his live set includes storytelling, sing-alongs, free-jazz and a mournful dirge for the eventual end of the Earth. Tourmate Real Dom spices up the post-apocalyptic world with sultry dance music. 


@ Foam | 9pm | $5
-Treadles (New Orleans, LA)
-Body Leash

NOLA's Treadles is a gnar-filled rock outfit that scrapes a bit from early grunge. The local lineup brings both the wiry and riff-driven songs of Glued and the solo noise-rock of Body Leash. A taut three act show on hump day. 

FRI. AUG. 10

@ Beatnik Bob's | 7pm | museum admission | all ages
-Reaches (NY)
-ex salis
-JoAnn McNeil
-Zak M

Kansas City expat Justin Randel builds retroactive synth-pop around repetition and subtle manipulation. Formerly known as I Love You, his playful beats come wrapped in bent melodies for songs that are informed by Afrofuturism, Kraut rock and straight-up club bangers. Although the show is technically free, you'll still have to shell out for admission to the City Museum. 

SAT. AUG. 11

@ RKDE | 9pm | $7
-No Thanks (Omaha, NE)
-Ra Child
-Body Leash

In many ways, this show serves as a preview for Pu Fest 5 coming in early September. Not only does this night offer a band from Omaha (the upcoming festival has five acts from this city alone), but outsider hip-hop and noise rock round out the show with Ra Child and Body Leash, respectively. No Thanks has been through St. Louis before, but the band's signature brand of deathrock is sharper than ever.

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Wrong Division Playlist: Aug. 2, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Alex Cunningham “Fiddle” from Fiddle
Drew Gowran “Momentum” from Momentum
Curt Oren “Man Made Hate” from For Sam, Forever Ago
Glued “Remote Control” from I
Treadles “An Albatross” from Bees Are Thieves Too
(ORB) “Either Way” from Bed of Nails
Blacker Face “Wadly” from Think Piece
Guerilla Toss “Trash Bed” from Gay Disco 
A Deer A Horse “Backswimmer” from Backswimmer
Cacaw “Sacrifice” from Bat Skin Robes
Melkbelly “Theme from Blar III” from Pennsylvania
Xbxrx “Ear Ever Hear” from Wars
Melt-Banana “Candy Gun” from Fetch
Lithics “Photograph, You Of” from Photograph, You Of
Landowner “Moving Again” from Blatant
Negative Scanner “History Lesson” from Nose Picker
Mentira “Tus Demonios” from Toda Tu Vida Es Una Mentira
The Bills “Ugly” from Take Two
Lech “Don't Care” from Bughouse Mixtape
Phantom Head “Psychic Dictators” from Psychic Dictators
Nail Polish “Paper Houses” from Authentic Living
Es “Resuscitate” from Object Relations
Bugs and Rats “Love Still Exists” from Get That Fucking Light out of My Face
Elix-R “Higher” from 6 Hrs
Running “Why Can't You Be in Running?” from Vaguely Ethnic
The VSS “Death Scene” from Nervous Circuits
The VSS “In Miniature” from Nervous Circuits
Telomere Repair “F Equals O” from Telomere Repair II
Weakwick “Rubbernecking” from Whistle Along
Yukon “Hotel” from Medallion
The Messthetics “Quantum Path” from The Messthetics
Zevious “Smear Campaign” from Lowlands