This Week In St. Louis: Jul. 9 - 15, 2018

TUE. JUL. 10

@ Way Out Club | 9pm | $7
-Forced Into Femininity (Chicago, IL)
-Tender Sitaution
-Beauty Pageant
-DJ Ghost Ice

Ranging from droney inanity to an energetic outburst of Dada-esque dance songs, Forced Into Femininity is a longstanding institution of avant performance art from Chicago. The combo of St. Louis' own Janet and Beauty Pageant serves as a palate cleanser for what's to come. 

WED. JUL. 11

@ Foam | 9pm | $5-$7
-Cheetah Print (Seattle, WA)
-Banana Clips
-Ace of Spit

A mutation coming from members of the Kid Chrome Band, DPCLB serves up a sidewinder of no-wave and stringent sax-infested punk. There's a sunglasses-at-night style of rock and roll inside the songs, leading to a strange brew of sounds that coalesces into one distinct vibe. First show for local newcomers Ace of Spit. 

SAT. JUL. 14

@ Bolozone | 8pm | $5-$7
-Beggar (Milwaukee, WI)
-Big Huge (NY)
-Body Leash

Beggar brings guttural hardcore with a stabbing set of songs that weave between hyper-fast powerviolence and mid-tempo hooks. St. Louis' own one-man harbinger of noise and spastic drumming, Body Leash, performs alongside the kind of punk band that makes you grind your teeth at night, Dentist. 

@ The Shrub | 8pm | donation$
-Media Jeweler (Los Angeles, CA)
-Sewingneedle (Chicago, IL)
-Kaleb Kirby

A collision of post-punk and indie with a seedy underbelly, Media Jeweler's songs come at you from an odd angle, hitting sharply. While the band doesn't teeter too far in any stylistic direction, the LA outfit does keep a striking balance of wiry riffs and tense, melodic flourishes.

These are just some highlights. See the side bar for more!