This Week In St. Louis: Jun. 4 - 10, 2018


@ Foam | 8:30pm | $7 | all ages
-Mean Queen (Athens, GA)
-Zeta (Venezuela)
-Family Medicine
-Shark Dad

Mean Queen's lumbering post-rock is a heavy, slow-moving giant delivered with the kind of volume that's meant to penetrate skin. The sound here is to be felt as well as heard -- likewise with Zeta, a Venezuelan crew that spins a set of massive and dramatic songs built through careful melodic layering. A show to harsh your mid-week mellow. 

@ Kismet | 9pm | donation$
-Liz Durette (Baltimore, MD)
-Blank Thomas
-Danielle Taylor Williams
-Zak M

Baltimore's Liz Durette delivers piano music with a sharp spontaneity, counting on electric piano as a weapon of choice. Between the performers on this massively mixed show, harp, guitar and synth can be heard across different approaches to improvisation and songwriting with varying degrees of experience.  


@ Foam | 9pm | $7 | all ages
-Drekka (Bloomington, IN)
-Zach Rowden (New Haven, Connecticut)
-Alex Cunningham/Alberto Patino

Drekka's warbling ambient work is punctuated by field recordings and tape manipulation. A dark, industrial vibe permeates the sound, offering an almost meditative experience as the set plays on audience expectations and anticipation. The rare duo of Alex Cunningham and Alberto Patino offers a wild crosshatch of strings and skins. 

@ RKDE | 9pm | $7
-Gen Pop (Olympia, WA)
-MKii (Olympia, WA)
-Junkbomb (Little Rock, AR)
-Miss Lady
-Pineapple RnR

Gen Pop's searing punk doesn't reinvent the wheel but it does barrel through a swampy and distorted mess of riffs and strung-out vocals. This Olympia crew can bob between quick, Devo-esque bursts and slow, noisy rock. Whatever the speed, there's a frantic feel underneath each song, adding a sense of both depth and urgency. This night also celebrates the release of Pineapple RnR's latest Rik n Roll EP.


@ Dugan Haus | 9pm | $5
-Dan English (Brooklyn, NY)
-Fuck Lungs (Chicago/St. Louis)
-Dirt/Suen Duo
-DJ Floodgate
-Mustache Daddy
This show is on Facebook as the "Fuck Lungs Big Fucking Party" and it's just that -- but the music isn't at all an afterthought. Brooklyn-based songwriter Dan English smoothly moves across shaky ground, offering up a subtle kind of pop that's topped with a vocal style ala early post-punk. Mustache Daddy promises a tantalizing performance while DJ Floodgate keeps the vibe moving downstream all night. All this and more bathed in visual projections by Chad Z Hickman of KFS. 

These are just some highlights. See the sidebar for more!