This Week In St. Louis: May 7 - 13, 2018


@ RKDE | 9pm | $7
-Kitten Forever (Minneapolis, MN)
-Werewolf Jones (Detroit, MI)
-Toxic Womb (Columbus, OH)
-BB Eye

With a bedrock made of distorted bass and simple yet punchy punk beats, Kitten Forever takes a totally blown out approach to its vocal hooks. The formula here is simple, yet it works due to all the elements landing in just the perfect place. Nothing feels too busy or too thin -- a winning combination of strong songwriting. 


@ CBGB | 9pm | $5
-Tundrastomper (Easthampton, MA)
-A Leaf In the Street

Tundrastomper carefully injects math, prog and post rock inside a tight package punctuated by an absolute monster of a drummer. Supplying a laundry list of genres doesn't typically do a band justice, but in this case it's the only way to relate just how expansive Tundrastomper can sound. Everything here feels statuesque and perfect, as if the songs were carved in marble. 

@ El Lenador | 9pm
-Hairface (New Orleans, LA)
-Heavy Pauses
-DJ Floodgate

Hairface bobs and weaves between choral noise and reverb-drenched dance excursions that typically end in a torrent of static and hum. The songs are exploratory yet beholden to beats, which creates a strong connection between melody and the underlying squalor throughout. A perfect accompaniment to El Lenador's bizarre and nostalgic interior.  

@ Pizza Head | 9pm | free
-Behavior (Los Angeles, CA)

Behavior practices post-punk as if it were a sixth-sense with riffs that scratch a hidden itch. The vocals come across as desperate ramblings from across the street, elevated by a dark and driving vibe. Repetition is used to build norms that slowly unravel, subverting expectations by the shifting of subtle nuances. The LA outfit emanates a gloomy feel while soaring through a set made of pure energy. All this for free in a pizza joint on South Grand. 


@ HOEL | 9pm
-Drew Gowran (tape release)

Catch Drew Gowran out on the riverfront or outside the shuttered Melt on Cherokee Street playing his potlids and thrift store percussion. Or see him in a controlled space with four walls, where his meditative drones bounce and reflect in every direction. This is the release show for his new tape titled Dismantle, a sonic summary of Gowran's new approach to performance. 

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