This Week In St. Louis: May 28 - Jun. 3, 2018


@ HOEL | 9pm | $5
-Aquarium (Minneapolis, MN)

Aquarium's post-punk comes with a few quirks, including vocals delivered in the German language. Wiry guitar glues melodic bass to sharp, pointed beats for songs that blast by with brevity. This is the latest export of Lumpy Recs -- and if that's not a glowing endorsement already, what is? 


@ CBGB | 9pm | $7
-Cruz de Navajas (Mexico)
-False Figure (Oakland, CA)
-Sea Priestess

A drum machine gives Cruz de Navajas a cold industrial feel underneath its buoyant, hook-laden riffing. Bass comes bathed in a dark tone befitting the band, which tip-toes around an dark occultist sound while keeping hints of danceable punk in tow. Tourmates False Figure are equally as gloomy, but come at a higher volume and intensity due to their live drums.


@ HOEL | 8pm | $7
-Waveless (Minneapolis, MN)
-Rota (Kansas City, MO)

Booming bass works underneath every beat, guitar line and strong vocal lead to create a low, driving force. In this way, Waveless conjures its own heavy brand of shoegaze-laden post rock. Everything this Minneapolis crew plays feels deliberate and punchy, yet melancholy. 


@ Foam | 9pm | $7 | all ages
-Tunic (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
-Blessed (Vancouver, British Columbia)
-Blight Future

-Body Leash
Without hyperbole, Tunic is one of the best noise rock bands going in North America today with its well controlled wall of gnar, fuzz and dissonance. Their tourmates in Blessed are bringing hard-edged indie rock. This night marks the first show in roughly a year for Blight Future, a post-hardcore outfit featuring members of So Many Dynamos, Glued and A Leaf in the Street. 

These are just some highlights. See the side bar for more!