This Week In St. Louis: May 14 - 20, 2018


@ The Nest | 9pm | $7 | all ages
-Foster (NY)/Rousay (TX)/Cunningham
-Blank Thomas

By being on what seems to be a perpetual tour, Dane Rousay is a workhorse percussionist who keeps a steady release schedule of solo works and collaborative records. Rousay applies a pointed jazz flurry to the kit, which generates a natural feeling of percussive depth. Tourmate Michael Foster takes a guttural approach to the saxophone, combining murky mouth sounds with a strong, tuneful squalor. 


@ RKDE | 9pm
-Uniform (Atlanta, GA)
-DJ Ashley Hohman

Uniform pushes its punk out with a playful veneer, counting on sarcasm and an otherwise crass delivery with its songs. While the tongue is planted firmly in cheek, the band does hit serious notes that are often obscured by a gnawing and dissonant tone. Formerly of Doom Town and Self Help, Ashley Hohman glues the whole gig together with DJ spins between sets. 


@ Blank Space | 8pm | $7
-X_X (Cleveland, OH)
-Sea Priestess
-Newt Patrol
-DJ Robert Griffin

Pronounced "Ex Blank Ex" the Cleveland no-wave cult led by John D Morton has roots in the late '70s, when the band pushed out a few 7" records before splitting up. Having reformed in 2014, X_X has taken on new life and context, but Morton's self-proclaimed mission to push boundaries remains. The St. Louis lineup offers up a diverse blend of darkened dance music and sonorous punk. 


@ Ani's backyard | 8pm
-Tall Friend (Philadelphia, PA)
-Horse Jumper of Love (Boston, MA)
-Honeydew (album release)

Tall Friend's songs feel deep and contemplative, carrying a weight that moves at a low and consistent speed. The band rushes for nothing, allowing each melodic riff to breathe and stretch over a lush rhythm section. St. Louis' own Honeydew has grown and expanded over the last year, and this new album is a long-awaited document of the bedroom-pop outfit. 

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