This Week In St. Louis: May 28 - Jun. 3, 2018


@ HOEL | 9pm | $5
-Aquarium (Minneapolis, MN)

Aquarium's post-punk comes with a few quirks, including vocals delivered in the German language. Wiry guitar glues melodic bass to sharp, pointed beats for songs that blast by with brevity. This is the latest export of Lumpy Recs -- and if that's not a glowing endorsement already, what is? 


@ CBGB | 9pm | $7
-Cruz de Navajas (Mexico)
-False Figure (Oakland, CA)
-Sea Priestess

A drum machine gives Cruz de Navajas a cold industrial feel underneath its buoyant, hook-laden riffing. Bass comes bathed in a dark tone befitting the band, which tip-toes around an dark occultist sound while keeping hints of danceable punk in tow. Tourmates False Figure are equally as gloomy, but come at a higher volume and intensity due to their live drums.


@ HOEL | 8pm | $7
-Waveless (Minneapolis, MN)
-Rota (Kansas City, MO)

Booming bass works underneath every beat, guitar line and strong vocal lead to create a low, driving force. In this way, Waveless conjures its own heavy brand of shoegaze-laden post rock. Everything this Minneapolis crew plays feels deliberate and punchy, yet melancholy. 


@ Foam | 9pm | $7 | all ages
-Tunic (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
-Blessed (Vancouver, British Columbia)
-Blight Future

-Body Leash
Without hyperbole, Tunic is one of the best noise rock bands going in North America today with its well controlled wall of gnar, fuzz and dissonance. Their tourmates in Blessed are bringing hard-edged indie rock. This night marks the first show in roughly a year for Blight Future, a post-hardcore outfit featuring members of So Many Dynamos, Glued and A Leaf in the Street. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: May 24, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

The Stranger “Ritual” from Live at WKDU Philadelphia
Pineapple RNR “Merferd in Bondage” from Pineapple Rik n Roll
Aquarium “Human” from Aquarium
Shux “No No Tony” from Demo
Smut “Memory Wipe” from End of Sam-Soon
False Figure “Hollow Life” from False Figure
Waveless “(​(​(​(​)​)​)​)” from The Bells of Baton Rouge
Cruz de Navajas “Escalvas” from Dominación
Joshua Abrams “Magnetoception” from Magnetoception
Blessed “Sound” from Blessed/Tunic Split 7"
Ovlov “Spright” from TRU
Pill “Personality Flaw” from The Dull Tools Tapes
Guerilla Toss “Spider Heard” from Spider Heard
Tunic “Disappointment” from Disappointment
Boris “Hama” from Amplifier Worship
Good for Cows “Invisible Goth” from Audumla
Noxagt “Wall's End” from Noxagt
Staer “Daughters I” from Daughters
Athletic Automaton “Death On An Escalator” from Athletic Automaton/MIM Split
USCO “Oo” from Tuskflower
Golden Oriole “The Chrysopoeia of the Trilithon Ass” from Golden Oriole
Don Vito “Wot?” from Comment ça va Light My Fire
Glenn Branca “Symphony No. 1, Movement 4” from Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus)

This Week In St. Louis: May 21 - 27, 2018


Dubb Nubb 10-Year Anniversary Fest:
-Early Worm
-Sleepy Todd
-Le Ponds
-Curt Oren
-Dj Hood Bunny

How many bands live to see their fifth anniversary, much less the tenth? Dubb Nubb is made up of two sisters and is folk in a class of its own. See what's become a St. Louis mainstay surrounded by a non-stop night of musical friends and family. 

@ Kerr Foundation
9pm | $5-$10
-Cloning (Pittsburgh, PA)
-Kevin Harris
-Chizmo TV
-Blank Thomas

If this show seems like it came out of nowhere, that's because it basically did. Announced only last week, this flyby mini noise fest brings the legendary Cloning alongside three of St. Louis' foremost audio-visual artists. Expect a warped perception of reality as otherworldly waves invade your eyes and ears. 


@ CBGB | 9pm
-Cement Shoes (Richmond, VA)
-Newt Patrol
-Body Leash

Cement Shoes is a brutal name for a brutal band. This hardcore leaves little to the imagination as it races through a razor sharp set of songs that burn out fast before wearing out their welcome. Newt Patrol recently returned after a lengthy hiatus and Q returns to its native habit in the close, claustrophobic confines of CBGB.


@ Off Broadway | 8pm | $10-$20
New Music Circle presents:
-Joshua Abrams
-Hamid Drake

All three artists featured on this night have played St. Louis in some shape or form in the last few years, but never like this. This is a laser-focused trio made up of individuals who have, in one way or another, helped shape the contemporary music underground. Come see some of the building blocks of modern experimental music construct a distinct set of sound in real-time. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: May 17, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Dubb Nubb “Sister's House” from It's Weird in This World
Curt Oren “I Love My Dog” from Curt Oren
Sea Priestess “Frightened Man” from Last Year's Paper Fan...
Protoculture “Dual Colony” from ProtoDump
Orange Soda “Goo Brain” from Goo Brain
Fragile Farm “Dead Deer” from Supper
Deerhoof “Con Sordino” from Mountain Moves
Parlor Walls “Isolator” from EXO
Sax Ruins “Refusal Fossil” from Blimmguass 
Arrington De Dionyso “Mani Malaikat” from Malaikat Dan Singa
Weasel Walter Large Ensemble “Igneity” from Igneity: After the Fall of Civilization 
Yukon “Cut the Lines” from Yukon
Animal Lover “Intro” from Stay Alive
Animal Lover “Dreamhouse” from Stay Alive
The Wayward “Lattice” from Plutonic
Shellac “Rambler Song” from Shellac/Mule Split
OOIOO “OO愛OO” from ∞8∞
Mail Thief “Evader” from Live
Dumb “Hard” from Seeing Green
Just Mustard “Boo” from Wednesday
Zen Mother “Mantra” from I Was Made to Be Like Her
Sur “Jail” from Dawg Daaze
La Misma “Kanizadi” from Kanizadi
Bugs and Rats “Boys Are Dumb” from Bugs and Rats
Soft Shoulder “Tabouli Outlet” from Songs and Intermissions
Black Eyes “Drums” from Cough
Glenn Branca “Symphony No. 1, Movement 1” from Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus)

This Week In St. Louis: May 14 - 20, 2018


@ The Nest | 9pm | $7 | all ages
-Foster (NY)/Rousay (TX)/Cunningham
-Blank Thomas

By being on what seems to be a perpetual tour, Dane Rousay is a workhorse percussionist who keeps a steady release schedule of solo works and collaborative records. Rousay applies a pointed jazz flurry to the kit, which generates a natural feeling of percussive depth. Tourmate Michael Foster takes a guttural approach to the saxophone, combining murky mouth sounds with a strong, tuneful squalor. 


@ RKDE | 9pm
-Uniform (Atlanta, GA)
-DJ Ashley Hohman

Uniform pushes its punk out with a playful veneer, counting on sarcasm and an otherwise crass delivery with its songs. While the tongue is planted firmly in cheek, the band does hit serious notes that are often obscured by a gnawing and dissonant tone. Formerly of Doom Town and Self Help, Ashley Hohman glues the whole gig together with DJ spins between sets. 


@ Blank Space | 8pm | $7
-X_X (Cleveland, OH)
-Sea Priestess
-Newt Patrol
-DJ Robert Griffin

Pronounced "Ex Blank Ex" the Cleveland no-wave cult led by John D Morton has roots in the late '70s, when the band pushed out a few 7" records before splitting up. Having reformed in 2014, X_X has taken on new life and context, but Morton's self-proclaimed mission to push boundaries remains. The St. Louis lineup offers up a diverse blend of darkened dance music and sonorous punk. 


@ Ani's backyard | 8pm
-Tall Friend (Philadelphia, PA)
-Horse Jumper of Love (Boston, MA)
-Honeydew (album release)

Tall Friend's songs feel deep and contemplative, carrying a weight that moves at a low and consistent speed. The band rushes for nothing, allowing each melodic riff to breathe and stretch over a lush rhythm section. St. Louis' own Honeydew has grown and expanded over the last year, and this new album is a long-awaited document of the bedroom-pop outfit. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: May 10, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Nibiru “Perpetual Motion Machine” from Perpetual Motion Machine
Concentrator “Get Rid Of It” from No More Rodeos
Glued “Travis” from Insides
Rota “Suffer & Be Still” from Rota
Uniform “Bored Voyuer” from No Trending
Mom “Revenge is Ours” from MOM
Waterproof “Rodeo” from In Cod We Trust
Behavior “Topanga Keepsake” from Bitter Bitter
Tundrastomper “Sweet Baby Boy” from Clean It Up
A Leaf In the Street “New Me Knew You” from You Read Me?
Seth Graham “RMB” from Gasp
Blank Thomas “Nothin but Nylon” from Hoops Unlimited 2
Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa “Pale Lone Wifi” from Savage Imagination
Ora Iso “Florida” from Bathcat
U.S. Maple “Bumps and Guys” from Talker
Erase Errata “Go To Sleep” from At Crystal Palace
Cheer-Accident “Insomnia” from Salad Days
Die Monitr Batss “Girls of War” from Girls of War
Korekyojinn “Zebra Crossing” from Tundra
Hella “Biblical Violence” from Split: Dilute / Hella
Korekyojinn “Tundra” from Tundra
Drew Gowran “Pearls Before Swine” from Dismantle
Alex Cunningham “Ache” from Ache
Palm “Dog Milk” from Rock Island
Speedy Ortiz “Backslidin'” from Twerp Verse
Wei Zhongle “Paralyzed” from The Operators
Shopping “Suddenly Gone” from The Official Body
Ed Schrader's Music Beat “Dunce” from Riddles
Nopes “Contemporary Listening” from Fun Limbo

This Week In St. Louis: May 7 - 13, 2018


@ RKDE | 9pm | $7
-Kitten Forever (Minneapolis, MN)
-Werewolf Jones (Detroit, MI)
-Toxic Womb (Columbus, OH)
-BB Eye

With a bedrock made of distorted bass and simple yet punchy punk beats, Kitten Forever takes a totally blown out approach to its vocal hooks. The formula here is simple, yet it works due to all the elements landing in just the perfect place. Nothing feels too busy or too thin -- a winning combination of strong songwriting. 


@ CBGB | 9pm | $5
-Tundrastomper (Easthampton, MA)
-A Leaf In the Street

Tundrastomper carefully injects math, prog and post rock inside a tight package punctuated by an absolute monster of a drummer. Supplying a laundry list of genres doesn't typically do a band justice, but in this case it's the only way to relate just how expansive Tundrastomper can sound. Everything here feels statuesque and perfect, as if the songs were carved in marble. 

@ El Lenador | 9pm
-Hairface (New Orleans, LA)
-Heavy Pauses
-DJ Floodgate

Hairface bobs and weaves between choral noise and reverb-drenched dance excursions that typically end in a torrent of static and hum. The songs are exploratory yet beholden to beats, which creates a strong connection between melody and the underlying squalor throughout. A perfect accompaniment to El Lenador's bizarre and nostalgic interior.  

@ Pizza Head | 9pm | free
-Behavior (Los Angeles, CA)

Behavior practices post-punk as if it were a sixth-sense with riffs that scratch a hidden itch. The vocals come across as desperate ramblings from across the street, elevated by a dark and driving vibe. Repetition is used to build norms that slowly unravel, subverting expectations by the shifting of subtle nuances. The LA outfit emanates a gloomy feel while soaring through a set made of pure energy. All this for free in a pizza joint on South Grand. 


@ HOEL | 9pm
-Drew Gowran (tape release)

Catch Drew Gowran out on the riverfront or outside the shuttered Melt on Cherokee Street playing his potlids and thrift store percussion. Or see him in a controlled space with four walls, where his meditative drones bounce and reflect in every direction. This is the release show for his new tape titled Dismantle, a sonic summary of Gowran's new approach to performance. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: May 3, 2018

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Trauma Harness “Ghost of a Flea” from Ghost Of A Flea
Pineapple RNR “USA” from Demo
Hylidae “Coral” from Intransative
Twins “Glass Breaks Glass” from That Which Is Not Said
Gel Set “This Is Between” from Body Copy
The Kingston Family Singers “מֶדְיוּם” from Khurum
BBJr “Autogenuous Theory” from Tearjerker
Golden Oriole “The Approaching of the Disco Void” from Golden Oriole
Gay Beast “We Keep Our Victims Ready” from To Smithereens
The Ex “Giant” from Knormmalities V.3 Posthumories
Shorty “I Prefer Nitwit” from Fresh Breath 
Ora Iso “Crypto Squalor” from Bathcat
Erase Errata “Ca. Viewing” from At Crystal Palace
Vialka “Do What Now?” from Succes Planetaire International
Ex Models “Three Weeks” from Zoo Psychology
Good for Cows “Invisible Goth” from Audumla
Ruins “Refusal Fossil” from Refusal Fossil
Dane Rousay “Blade” from Blip
Brendan Wells' Plant Music “Seed 2” from Odd Sod & Seeds
Jane Wave “Shadowbride” from Not Lit
Kitten Forever “Hell Hole” from Semi-Permanent
Dentist “John Donut” from Mad + Tough + Angery
BB Eye “Headcheese Heartthrob” from Headcheese Heartthrob
Natural Man & The Flamin' Hot Band “Be Stiff!” from Mutants 4 Nuclear Waste
Lithics “Specs” from Mating Surfaces
Parlor Walls “Low Vulture” from EXO
Shellac “Canada” from Terraform
Chicago Underground Trio “Sevens” from Slon
Smother Party “Titus” from Casa Limon
Roji “2 Sisters” from The Hundred Headed Women