This Week In St. Louis: Jan. 15 - 21, 2018

WED. JAN. 17

@ CBGB | 9pm | $5 | 21+
-Buck Gooter (Harrisonburg, VA)
-Morgan Garrett (Philadelphia, PA)
-Skin Tags
-Flexible Metal

The duo in Buck Gooter commits guttural guitar rock on the bent back of a harsh drum machine. Coarse vocals flow over top jagged songs made somewhat surreal by the contrast of the band's two members (being more than 20 years apart in age). With more than twenty releases and a decade's worth of sharpening its digital noise rock, Buck Gooter is a well-seasoned anomaly having played both Boston Hassle Fest and Cropped Out. 

@ Flood Plain | 8pm
-Crazy Doberman (MI)

"Side project" is a relative term but make no mistake, John Olson's Crazy Doberman isn't some offshoot of Wolf Eyes. The now meme-fied weblord travels from city to city committing both solo gesticulations and collaborative works. This night is one half of a double header here in St. Louis that ends on Thursday with a free show/live recording at Gaslight Studio. 

THU. JAN. 18

@ Schlafly Tap Room | 9pm | free | all ages
-Drool (Chicago, IL)
-Little Big Bangs

Chicago's Drool makes a cutting kind of punk that breaks between odd clamor and sharp, pointed hooks. There's a pop vibe buried beneath its alien indie rock, which is made all the more immersive with the addition of a third member dedicated solely to noise and sound manipulation. Plus, the band does an insane cover of Devo's "Praying Hands."

FRI. JAN. 19

@ RKDE | 7pm | donation$
Piss On Cis:

If "Piss On Cis" wasn't enough of a hint of what to expect, hit the video above to see a sample of Pryss' harrowing hardcore. A benefit for a local musician's top surgery, this show offers up a wide range of heavy and heartfelt sets by some of St. Louis' strongest songwriters period.

SAT. JAN. 20

@ Pizza Head | 9pm | free
-Bummerville (Chicago, IL)
-Trauma Harness
-Daytime Television

Pizza and punk is the backdrop for a fuzzed out and feedback-drenched lineup lead by Chicago's Bummerville. This is surf rock riding on a tsunami of sludge in a nuclear wasteland with a few bright riffs peaking through the sunken gunk. Trauma Harness returns for a rare show after a months-long hiatus -- who knows when they will play again?

These are just some highlights. Check the sidebar for more!