This Week In St. Louis: Dec. 18 - 24, 2017

TUE. DEC. 19

@ 2720 Basement | 9pm | $7
-Damak (Austin, TX)

Damak plays boiling riffs stretched thin over junky drums. The whole thing feels thick and full of static, counting on a guttural rush of energy to relate the songs within. Spirits is the latest export of Luc Michalski, known for his work in Black Panties, Violations and a long list of other vital St. Louis bands. 

THU. DEC. 21

@ Puppy Planet | 8pm | free | al ages
-Paper Ceilings
-Jessie V.
-Dee Bird
-Cougar Daddy

Pre-game the holiday weekend with a power run of local songwriters in an intimate setting. Few shows give this kind of primer on songcraft, and this night offers both strong and subtle guitar work that ranges from straight-ahead to strange and inventive. 

FRI. DEC. 22

@ Foam | 10pm | $5 | all ages
-Tim Pilcher & Monica Lord (Columbia, MO)
-Solid Waste

Fitz Hartwig's Oxherding offers a nameless narrative through sound, moving the audience along an arc that feels well-traveled with all the peaks and valleys expected from such a journey. He performs in support of Columbia duo Tom Pilcher and Monica Lord, whose instrumental pieces are built through guitar and cello.

SUN. DEC. 24

@ CBGB | 8pm | 21+
-Key Grip
-3 of 5
-Drew Gowran

For those not inundated by the obligations of X-mas eve, or those looking for an escape, this locals-only show provides a mix of improvisations (Key Grip, Drew Gowran) and compositions (3 of 5, Paperkite). With members of Pat Sajak Assassins, Key Grip's set typically features a visual element through projects, and that video forms of the basis of the set.