This Week In St. Louis: Dec. 11 - 17, 2017

WED. DEC. 13

@ Rat Roast | 8pm | $5 | all ages
-Uranium Club (Minneapolis, MN)

Minneapolis' Uranium Club plays snarky, punctuated punk slithering with ear worms. Newcomers Nibiru bring evolved raw pop to the bill, while Shux -- featuring members of Dumpers, Posture and more -- plays its first show in a new basement. Starts early!

FRI. DEC. 15

@ Kerr Foundation | 8pm | $10
-Nakatani Gong Orchestra

Tatsuya Nakatani's Gong Orchestra delves much deeper than its surface may imply. Through a controlled set of hand signals and spatial preparation, the Japanese percussionist leads a lineup of local musicians while cutting a dense sonic sculpture that recalls the works of Philip Glass, John Wiese and Glenn Branca. This experiential show offers an all-acoustic meditative drone -- no electronic accompaniment will be used. Arrive on time for a solo performance by Nakatani himself. 

@ Livery Company | 2pm | $5
StagFest Benefit for St. Louis Legal Fund:

-Jr. Clooney
-Traveling Sound Machine
+many more

Starting midday on Friday and running well into the night, this StagFest reaches from the confines of local jazz, odd pop and a shred of punk to offer a well-rounded spectrum of sound. The price of entry is definitely low, but given the cause and the time of year, consider throwing down an extra fiver or ten spot.

SAT. DEC. 16

@ Foam | 8pm | $5-$10 | all ages
-Radiator Hospital (Philadelphia, PA)
-Pineapple RnR
-I Could Sleep In the Clouds

This night runs through the peaks and valleys of pop-sensible punk and other indie oddities as Philly's Radiator Hospital returns to St. Louis. Ingenious riffing intertwines with a solid foundation of straight-forward songcraft, making for a tangible set that even the most jaded showgoer can lock onto.

These are just some highlights. Check the sidebar for more!