This Week In St. Louis: Nov. 6 - 12, 2017


@ The Sinkhole | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Night Shapes (Oakland, CA)
-The Stranger
-Tit for Tat

By cross pollinating post-punk and noise rock with synth-laden leads, Oakland's Night Shapes molds a gloomy mass of sound with deep, harrowing vocals at the fore. St. Louis' own Stranger rounds out the show with an equally-as-warped brand of punkish squalor, fit for sewer dwellers the midwest over. 


@ Bolozone | 8pm | $5 | all ages
-Shellshag (Brooklyn, NY)
-Whsky Janetor
-Kelly Nothing

Shellshag's simplistic approach to the drums only brightens the heavy, slow-burning riffs of the guitar. Although the songs feel quite minimalist, the volume applied makes for a powerful and distinct aesthetic. There's a primal feel that permeates this fringe style of indie rock. 

FRI. NOV. 10

@ Kismet | 8pm | $5 | all ages
-Gel Set (Los Angeles, CA)
-Ethik's Mind

Gel Set delicately stacks opposing layers of disparate beats and gripping leads with an affinity for repetition and drone. The complexity here doesn't come with jerking rhythms or shifting tempos but through aural alchemy and careful textural tampering. The recordings can be a suitable starting point, but greater nuance can and will be found at any Gel Set show. 

SAT. NOV. 11

@ CBGB | 7pm | 21+
-Neon (CA)
-Cankro (Brazil)

An all-star mash up of punk and no-wave mainstays make up west coast outfit Neon, whose quick and deliberate songs apply stress and dissonance through strict thrashing. A loose static and hum pours overtop the stomping beats, making for a guttural and real set of songs. Plus, Cankro has come all the way from Brazil to play a tiny dive bar on South Grand. 

@ SLU | 7pm | $10-$20 | all ages
New Music Circle and SLU present:
-John Wiese (Los Angeles, CA)

In addition to LA sound artist John Wiese's solo performance, this night will feature a ragtag ensemble filled with 15 of St. Louis' finest musicians. While the lineup does offer local luminaries in Darin Gray and Chris Trull among others, many of the players featured are young or relatively new in the music community. Check out New Music Circle's website for more information on John Wiese's St. Louis residency. 

These are just some highlights. Check the sidebar for more!