Wrong Division Playlist: Oct. 5, 2017

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Deerhoof “Con Sordino” from Mountain Moves
Lawn “Prefect” from Big Sprout
Concentrator “Stand-up Routine” from No Known Code
An Atomic Whirl “CKC” from WEN
Brendan Wells' Plant Music “Music for Plants No. 1” from s/t
Solid Waste “Tropical Contact High” from Visions
Trauma Harness “Ghost of a Flea” from Ghost Of A Flea
Sundowning “To Leave” from Sundowning
Zen Mother “Mantra” from I Was Made to Be Like Her
Sea Moss “Midnight Telephone Call” from Bread Bored
Minority Whip “Colors Bleed” from Demo 2
Pallas “Render (Location 13)” from Pallas
Thy Mighty Contract “Conjugal Freelance” from Thy Mighty Contract
Lithics “Shees” from Borrowed Floors
Baus “Cheat Sheets” from Idol Minds
Die Monitr Batss “White Shock” from Girls of War
Melkbelly “Middle Of” from Nothing Valley
Nü Sensae “Whispering Rule” from Sundowning
Shoppers “I.” from Silver Year
Animal Lover “Waterparks of America” from Stay Alive
Don Gero “Rock I” from Wizarding
Horse Lords “Encounter I / Transfinite Flow” from Interventions
USCO “Oo” from Tuskflower
Timeghost “Dissection Theater” from Cellular
Staer “Daughters I” from Daughters
Lair “Test” from Test
Gnarwhal “My Crucial” from Crucial