This Week In St. Louis: Sep. 4 - 10, 2017


@ The Sinkhole | 9pm | all ages
-Rixe (France)

Its nearly 100,000 plays on Youtube should be proof positive of Rixe's authentic oi punk but if that weren't reason enough to go, consider Brainsmasher, a Lumpy/American Hate mash-up that plans to play one show ever. Q recently returned from Europe. Catch them while you qan.


@ Bolozone | 8pm | all ages
-Blue Smiley (Philadelphia, PA)
-The Chair Enthusiasts

A song by Philly's Blue Smiley typically contains two things: A solid hook and a bizarre riff slid in right under your nose. This is a weirder band masquerading as melodic indie rock, but don't be fooled -- its dark tendencies come through in a major way leading to heavy and heady sections. 


@ RKDE | 9pm | $7
Pu Fest 4 Kickoff:
-Aquarium (Minneapolis, MN)
-Switch (Minneapolis, MN)
-Black Body Heat
-Shady Bug
-Sea Priestess

This kickoff for Pu Fest 4 is a microcosm of the diversity to come in the weekend ahead. In addition to two Minneapolis rippers in Aquarium and Switch, DJ Black Body Heat and Sea Priestess (aka DJ Swan Gone of KDHX) round out a night that should jostle the brain in a number of ways. Shady Bug offers up soft and somber vocals over swerving rock songs. 

SAT. SEP. 9 - SUN. SEP. 10

@ RKDE | 4pm | $20-$35
Pü Fest 4:
-Anwar Sadat (KY)
-Druj (Oklahoma City, OK)
-Matchess (Chicago, IL)
-Minority Threat (OH)
+many more

Now in its fourth year, Pu Fest joins fests like Cropped Out, Dumb Fest and Everything Is Not OK as a celebration of DIY and subversive sounds in the midwest. Both days go beyond the mainstay punk genre with acts such as The Knuckles, Yowie, Matchess, Lavender Country and a one-time reunion show by Supersonic Piss (formerly of Iowa City). 

These are just some highlights. Check the sidebar for more!