This Week In St. Louis: Sep. 11 - 17, 2017

MON. SEP. 11

@ CBGB | 9pm | 21+
-Unforgiven 5 (Kansas City, MO)
-Pineapple RnR

There are typically two elements in every Unforgiven 5 song: relentless shredding and howling vocals. Pure, frills-free rock and roll makes up most of the Kansas City outfit's sound but don't dismiss it as a one-trick band. Hot off playing PuFest only the night before, Pineapple RnR rounds out a local lineup that includes Xenon, the new digs from Gabe (of Lumpy and the Dumpers). 

@ Foam | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Pallas (Atlanta, GA)
 (first show)
In a way, Pallas feels like two opposing bands colliding in real-time and landing in a strange space between Minutemen-esque, wiry punk and the dense, melodic grunge of the early nineties. And the pieces seem to tumble just right, moving in a way that rarely feels convoluted or too basic. Featuring members of Glued, Persh and Bald, Muskie opens the night with its debut set. 

TUE. SEP. 12

@ Root Wad Park | 9pm | all ages
-Control Test (Seattle, WA)
-Newt Patrol

If cyberpunk could be used to describe bands instead of books or films, Seattle's Control Test would be the genre's poster child for 2017. Two synths weave together over a backdrop of sharp beats while the vocals add a rough, gravelly tone. The result is a shapely set of songs that rip with dynamic changes and a dark, harrowing vibe. 

FRI. SEP. 15

@ Foam | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Alex Cunningham (CD release)
-Bob Bucko Jr. (Dubuque, IA)
-Musth Bardo
-DJ Michael Williams

In less than four years, Alex Cunningham has become a figurehead in the city's noise and experimental scene for his work as a violinist, collaborator and visual artist. What first appears to be a frenzied performance of strings slowly starts to feel methodical and altogether natural. His latest release is a single 25-minute piece that weaves between arranged and improvised sections, making for a tense emotional arc that ultimately repays the listener for their time. 

SAT. SEP. 16

@ Pizza Head | 3pm | all ages
-Blacker Face (Chicago, IL)
-A Leaf In the Street

The somber rock and roll of Blacker Face moves at a steady, swinging pace with soulful vocals at the forefront. Consider this show a clinic in solid songwriting -- as if the setting of a pizza parlor wasn't reason enough to attend. With its performances becoming a rarity, A Leaf In The Street is a must-see pop odyssey led by Kaleb Kirby (also of Animal Children, Blight Future). 

@ Pizza Head | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-A Deer A Horse (Brooklyn, NY)
-Little Big Bangs

As the late show to the daytime gig at Pizza Head with Blacker Face, A Leaf in the Street and Shitstorm, this lineup offers several shades of outsider indie rock in support of Brooklyn's A Deer A Horse. Glued's sordid riffing and in-the-pocket basslines mesh well with singer/drummer Chelsi Webster's off-kilter approach, making for a distinct vibe that feels odd, melodic and deeply personal. 

SUN. SEP. 17

@ Foam | 8:30pm | all ages
-Teton (New York, NY)
-Blank Thomas
-Deux Plex

Built on the back of basic yet haunting synth lines, Teton's songs evoke a cold aesthetic that veers just left of goth and right of progressive rock. A distant voice cascades over sharp and percussive melodies played out through the kit, making for a rare approach to drums for a band of this ilk. The local lineup is dark, exploratory and very heavy-handed on the synth (analog and otherwise). 

@ RKDE | $10 | 9pm
-Sheer Mag (Philadalphia, PA)
-Laffing Gas (Bloomington, IN)
-Crim Dolla Cray

Sheer Mag brings its infectious brand of seventies-throwback rock'n'roll to Cherokee Street's one and only arcade for a night filled with Bloomington-based punk, vampiric stoner rock, superbly DJed dance tunes and one of St. Louis' latest and greatest power ensembles.

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