This Week In St. Louis: Aug. 13 - 20, 2017

WED. AUG. 16

@ CBGB | 9pm | $5 | 21+
-Birthing Hips (Boston, MA)
-18andCounting & TheOnlyEnsemble

The Boston-based Birthing Hips crafts a wiry brand of no-wave that still manages to feel catchy and sing-songy despite its harsh and disparate demeanor. This show marks the first (and maybe only) time 18andCounting brings TheOnlyEnsemble to the narrow hall stage of CBGB. Expect a packed mid-summer fever dream. 

FRI. AUG. 18

@ RKDE | 9pm | $7
-Radiator Greys (Washington, DC)
-Droids Blood (Chicago, IL)
-Lumpy and the Dumpers

Two St. Louis ex-pats come to town in two separate projects that aren't actually touring together but ended up on the same show. The brains behind Radiator Greys, Josh Levi, made massive contributions to St. Louis in his time here, including booking and the Flood Yr Face blog. Droids Blood is led by Scott Plant, and the group sounds like a continuation of his prior project Broken Prayer. 

SUN. AUG. 20

@ Off Broadway | 9pm
-Waveless (Minneapolis, MN)
-The Funs

On this tour, Minneapolis post-punk outfit Waveless performs with video artist Au, who will generate visuals to the band's live sound. With careful use of delay and other textural treatment, the group generates an amazing density that leaves subtle pathways for melody to creep through. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: Aug. 10, 2017

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Coca-Cola Death Squad “Left to Oblivion” from Brain Power II
Birthing Hips “Audrey” from No Sorry
Tunic “Shaking Hands” from Boss
Persh “Panel House” from Panel House
Drool “Test Name” from Print B
Little Big Bangs “Leech” from Star Power
Concentrator “Out of Doors” from No Known Code
Yukon “Gough” from Mortar
Multicult “S Curve” from Position Release
Colossamite “Bewilderbeast” from All Lingo's Clamor - EP
Vernacular String Trio “Parlance” from Parlance
Fischessen “Jargon” from K√∂der
GUERILLA TOSS “The String Game” from GT Ultra
Bad News from Houston “Invisible River” from In the Valley...
Bad News from Houston “Confuse the Ghosts” from In the Valley...
Xbxrx “Here to Ruin The Party” from Wars
Cellular Chaos “It Kills Myself” from Diamond Teeth Clenched
What We Won't See “Would You Blues” from Blood Covered Winter
Lithics “Seven People” from Borrowed Floors
Horse Lords “Truthers” from Interventions
Britches “Triangle Jerk” from Demonstration
Battles “The Yabba” from La Di Da Di
Ahleuchatistas “Mistaken Identity” from Location Location
Palm “Two Toes” from Two Toes
Passe Montagne “Dracula” from Long Play
Zevious “Attend to Your Configuration” from Passing Through the Wall
Cheer-Accident “Falling World” from Putting Off Death
Yowie “Mysterium Tremendum” from Synchromysticism

This Week In St. Louis: Aug. 7 - 13, 2017


@ The Sinkhole | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Dasher (Bloomington, IN)
-Pineapple RnR

Dasher bolts through its manic brand of punk with subtle psych leanings. The songs feel fierce yet run at a steady pace with just enough space for its tense riffing. Pineapple RnR is the latest export from the Lumpy set and Sundowning performs with a guest drummer for this show. 


@ CBGB | 9pm | donation$ | 21+
-Brother Gruesome (Oklahoma City, OK)
-Animal City (Chicago, IL)
-The Emotron (TX)
-Zak Marmalefsky
-Little Big Bangs

Oklahoma City's Brother Gruesome injects hints of blues and folk into its otherwise unhinged rock. Blackened riffs feel heavy without leaning on the crutch of high volume, which highlights the duo's biggest strength: songwriting. Legendary performance artist Emotron joins Brother Gruesome on tour while Animal City passes through on the same day to make for an all-around massive show. 

@ Foam | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel (Atlanta, GA)
-Mondo Rip

It's rare that a group's sound is so perfectly summed up by its name, but the duo of Scott Burland (theremin) and Frank Schultz (lap steel) prefers to keep its aesthetic fairly straight-forward, allowing the product to speak for itself. The renowned local duo of Kevin Harris and Alex Cunningham round out this show by melting together modular synthesizer and violin. 


@ Blank Space | 9pm | $5
-Blank Thomas (tape release)
-Nadir Smith
-Larva Lu

Sound artist Blake Butler might be just as known for his video projections as his primary music endeavor, Blank Thomas. His pieces incorporate glitch and fast-moving melodies with an emphasis on texture and subtle stereo panning. He creates an audibly smooth aesthetic by rounding out the edges of parts that should cut right through yet land softly on the ear. This concept is given shape on his latest release through Grownup Music.

THU. AUG. 10

@ Upstairs Lounge | 9:30pm | $5
-Hylidae (farewell show)
-Trauma Harness
-DJs 18&Counting + Urlike

This is a farewell show but not in the way you might think. The brain behind Hylidae, Jon Burkhart, is moving to Canada, and this party at Upstairs Lounge is a send-off densely packed with some of St. Louis' strangest synth workers -- plus a special appearance by Grain.

FRI. AUG. 11

@ The Nest | 8pm | all ages
-Drool (Chicago, IL)
-It's Me: Ross (Columbia, MO)
-Little Big Bangs

Chicago's Drool is equal parts noise and punk with its bizarre riffing drowned in delay and feedback. The songs are catchy enough and rip with considerable pace, but the overall vibe here feels wobbly and unnerving. St. Louis' Persh predates Shady Bug, Glued and Bald but features members from all three bands, making for a cracked cauldron of shoegaze-tinged rock.

SAT. AUG. 12

@ The Sinkhole | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Tunic (Winnipeg)
-Coca-Cola Death Squad
-Fragile Farm

With a set of cutting noise-rock songs, Tunic recalls groups such as Drive Like Jehu and Unwound but not enough to feel derivative. By weaving between deceptively simple and altogether dense sections, the Winnipeg trio offers a varied range without relying on any one aesthetic. The whole lineup is a scattered selection of odd-leaning groups who aren't beholden to any one specific genre. 

These are just some highlights. Check the sidebar for more!

Wrong Division Playlist: Aug. 3, 2017

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron. This episode featured special guest CJ Becker of St. Louis blog We Have Fun Here.

Glowing One “Done” from Glowing One Demo
Double God “Jack Listen To This and Name It Eh?” from Trash Dog Shit Demos
Blue Healer “Can I Jam On This?” from This Was Your Life
Concentrator “Stand-up Routine” from No Known Code
Dasher “We Know So” from Sodium
Sundowning “Lenny” from Sundowning
Pineapple RNR “All Day/Tenderness” from All Day/Tenderness
Brother Gruesome “You Brought Them Into This World” from End Times Get In The Way Of A Good Time
Little Big Bangs “Bang” from Star Power
Drool “Praying Hands (Devo)” from Print A
Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel “Fishing Bobber” from Experiments
J Hamilton Isaacs “The Hierophant” from Dugout Canoe 7
Blank Thomas “Satan's Vaccuum” from 405 Skies
Hylidae “Smoldering Event” from Hylidae
Nurse “Foreign Object” from Nurse
Nurse “In the Middle of the Room” from Nurse
Mild IQ “I Know Some Things” from Wild IQ
Mild IQ “Nooner” from Wild IQ
Glued “Eyes Forward” from II
Trauma Harness “Leechman” from Leechman Halloween Cassingle
Dubb Nubb “Sister's House” from It's Weird in This World
Honeydew “Drugs” from Honeydew
Griffin Trapp “Respiration Underwater” from Bout To Leave ep 1
Julio Prato “Alarm” from I Forgot To Write Songs
The Wad “Atomic” from The Wad
Shux “I Don't Wanna Indoor Toilet” from Horrendous New Wave
Posture “Projection” from Posture
Grown Men “Gratifying and Grey” from Demo 2016
The Stranger “Krautrock” from Dump Fest Comp