This Week In St. Louis: Jul. 31 - Aug. 6, 2017


@ Kismet | 9pm | $5-$7 | all ages
-Butthole (TN)
-Chico (TN)
-Jr. Clooney
-Fragile Farm

Swerving surf, proggy indie rock and other pop oddities populate the cozy innards of Kismet Creative Center. Jr. Clooney shows are becoming fewer and farther between, so come see one of St. Louis' most inventive drummers, Jack Mideke, as he backs up jazz songs tossed into a blender with plenty of toxic sludge. 

@ The Luminary | 8pm | $6
-Sheffield/Rippie (TX)
-Alex Keller and Sean O'Neill (TX)
-NNN Cook
-DJs Driftides and Scotty Starlite

From Sheffield and Rippies' dense use of sampling to the minimalism of St. Louis' own NNN Cook, this event offers a massive range of volume. Tour mates Keller and O'Neill approach their set by using known sounds and re-purposing detritus to build shapely sound sculptures. Raglani's melodic take on modular synth paints all the colors of a full band with many moving parts but through one singular brain stem. 


@ RKDE | 6pm | all ages
We Have Fun Fest Two-Year Anniversary:
-Nurse (Atlanta, GA)
-Mild Iq (Atlanta, GA)
-Dubb Nubb

We Have Fun Here is a website that is close to our hearts. If you have Wrong Division bookmarked, do yourself a favor and check out CJ Becker's blog as well. This fest does what its namesake site has been doing for two years and celebrates the underbelly of St. Louis music while promoting a few killer weirdos from out of town. Plus, the local lineup is stellar. 

These are just some highlights. Check the sidebar for more!