This Week In St. Louis: Jun. 19 - 25, 2017

MON. JUN. 19

@ Foam | 9pm | all ages
-Shane Parish (Asheville, NC)
-Vernacular String Trio
-Trull/Suen duo

As a member of Ahleuchatistas, Blind Thorns and Doom Ribbons, Shane Parish incorporates the idioms of avant garde, jazz and progressive rock to craft a shapely guitar sound. He weaves between rhythmic flourishes and sharp, jagged passages in a way that feels heavy and theatrical. 

TUE. JUN. 20

@ Gooseberries | 9pm | $8-$12 | all ages
-Bill Nace & Twig Harper
-Zak M

Bill Nace and Twig Harper bring a varied and tense noise performance inside one of south city's most beloved restaurants, Gooseberries. Zak M adds another dimension to the show with his baritone voice and dense guitar arrangements. 

THU. JUN. 22

@ CBGB | 9pm | $5-$7 | 21+
-Dream Probe (Champaign, IL)
-Hard Feelings (Duluth, MN)
-Fried E/M
-Skin Tags

Dream Probe makes the type of vicious punk that reaches in through the ear and squeezes the brain. The requisite riffing and beats slathered in a layer of harsh feedback. The band adds an element of restraint that pays off for a set of songs that seem less nuanced than they really are. 

FRI. JUN. 23

@ CBGB | 9pm | 21+
-Fond Han (NJ)
-Sex Scenes (Milwaukee, WI)
-Shady Bug
-John Beabout

Fond Han tricks the listener into hearing sideways noise rock by sounding like a Pile-esque rock outfit at first glance. While setting up the expectation for a melodic release, the band constantly subverts that and makes you wonder if they will or won't control their own brand of chaos. 

SAT. JUN. 24

@ Snuff Film Collective | 7:30pm | $5-$8 | all ages
-An Atomic Whirl (Wichita, KS)
-The Central (Madison, WI)
-B Yr Own Cop!

A cross-section of grunge and Japanese grind, An Atomic Whirl riffs through an unpredictable and weird concoction that ultimately feels solid and sharp throughout. The Central worships at the altar of Mike Patton-esque prog rock, invoking a darker metallic feel while holding down its caustic and scathing songs. The address to this show is not public - hit the FB event for details. 

SUN. JUN. 25

@ RKDE | 5pm | $10
-Pryss (Springfield, IL)
-Lumpy and the Dumpers
-Ghost Ice

Lumpy, Pryss and several bands throughout the region unite to pay tribute and respect to Pink Sock frontman Travis Hanrahan. This is also the last performance of Pink Sock, who will have a different vocalist for each song. 

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