Wrong Division Playlist: Apr. 27, 2017

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

The Vanilla Beans “Starry” from Wavey
Nectar “Change Your Mind” from 4 Songs
Nag “Space” from Nag
Q “Qus” from Relaxed Mike
Doxx “Intro” from Doxx
Butanna “Pleasure Principle” from Retribution
Phantom Head “Get Born” from Phantom Head
Eula “Aplomb” from Wool Sucking
Lithics “Thing In Your Eye” from Borrowed Floors
Die Monitr Batss “Heatersss” from Girls of War
Parlor Walls “Crime Engine Failure” from Opposites
The Sediment Club “B and the electric kill” from Kicked Back Into The Crypt
Arrington De Dionyso “Mani Malaikat” from Malaikat Dan Singa
Many Arms “Snakes in the Grass” from Palabras Malas
New England Patriots “david” from Apes Beneath the Valley of the Dolls
Telomere Repair “Javier” from Telomere Repair II
Colossamite “Bewilderbeast” from All Lingo's Clamor - EP
Timeghost “Delicate Resonances” from Cellular
The Wayward “Pinball” from Overexposure
Yoshida Tatsuya Imahori Tsuneo “lines” from Dots
Jealousy Mountain Duo “DACKEL DIE BELLEN HEISSEN” from Jealousy Mountain Duo No 3
Korekyojinn “tundra” from Tundra
Yowie “The Reason Your House Is Haunted Can Be Found On This Microfiche” from Synchromysticism
Staer “Daughters II” from Daughters
Don Gero “Weirding” from Weirding
Crown Larks “Howls” from Population

This Week In St. Louis: Apr. 24 - 30, 2017

TUE. APR. 25

@ Kerr Foundation | 9pm | $7-$10 | all ages
-Timeghost (Providence, RI)
-Pod Blotz (Los Angeles, CA)

Timeghost merges harsh noise with written poise while using his own body to invoke a distinct sense of sadomasochism. His dark synth work moves in waves, working with rhythm and, at times, drone to a meditative degree. 

FRI. APR. 28

@ CBGB | 9pm | $5-$7 | all ages
-Nectar (Champaign, IL)
-Trauma Harness
-Carte De Visite
-Vanilla Beans

This CBGB spring fling sees upbeat twee pop mingle with moody post-punk. Nectar isn't afraid to cut a song off at just the right time to keep a fast pace. All around, the show provides variety while still keeping feel-good vibes at the core.

@ Flop Club | 9pm | $5-$7 | all ages
Grownup Music:
-Blindsight Trio
-Animal Children
-John Beabout

This is a jazz show through and through, but don't expect standards or even a sense of cohesion between the acts. All three come at the genre from different angles which is fitting for Grownup Music, a collective that doesn't seem to adhere to any particular thing except quality. 

SAT. APR. 29

@ The Sinkhole | 9pm
-Nag (Atlanta, GA)
-Rubber Mate (Cleveland, OH)
-Dada Gun

The snotty punks in Atlanta's Nag make slow burners that revel in decay and feedback. Tour mates Rubber Mate are equally as noisy but with a thrashy, nihilist bent. Earplugs are kind of required. 

@ The Stage | 8pm | $10-$20 | all ages
New Music Circle presents:
-Tomas Fujiwara & the Hook Up

Drummer and composer Tomas Fujiwara brings his experimental jazz unit which features Jonathan Finlayson, Brian Settles, Adam Hopkins and Mary Halvorson (who also performs in Thumbscrew with Fujiwara). A quick search on the Hook Up will net tons of accolades over the group's live show, and the video above is proof positive. 

@ Kismet | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Dan of Earth (Milwaukee, WI)
-NNN Cook

Since Dan of Earth takes a different approach to roughly every show, the best way to describe him to people in St. Louis is to say that he's the Ghost Ice of Milwaukee -- a performer that has unanimous acclaim yet remains a hidden treasure in his own city. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: Apr. 20, 2017

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Staghorn “Trins Chad Ocho Rio” from Parouisa I - Kismet II
The Conformists “Hail Spraytan” from Divorce
Yowie “Mysterium Tremendum” from Synchromysticism
Timeghost “On Airs, Waters, and Places” from Cellular
Pod Blotz “Grey Ones” from Grey Ones
Trauma Harness “Echolocation” from Pain, Death, Defeat & Revival
Lithics “Seven People” from Borrowed Floors
Sneaks “Red” from Gymnastics
Jane Wave “Shadowbride” from Not Lit
Sur “Great Plains / Synesthete” from Dawg Daze
Melkbelly “Elk Mountain” from Elk Mountain
Toupee “Glitter Roach” from Leg Toucher
Imelda Marcos “Swirling Hair Is” from Dalawa
The Denison & Kimball Trio “Walk Away” from Plays the Music of Walls in the City
Horse Lords “Bending to the Lash” from Interventions
Dead Rider “Mother's Meat” from The Raw Dents
Bad News From Houston “Confuse the Ghosts” from In the Valley of the...
Guerilla Toss “Pink Elephant” from Gay Disco
Marriage “Norman” from For Br√∂tzmann
Brise-Glace “Host of Latecomers” from when in Vanitas...
Black Eyes “Cough, Cough” from Cough
Glenn Branca “Symphony No. 5: 5th Movement (Part I)” from Symphony No. 5
Ahleuchatistas “Power With” from Arrebato
Smother Party “Whiskey Sheen” from Casa Limon

This Week In St. Louis: Apr. 17 - 23, 2017

MON. APR. 17

@ Livery Company | 9pm | $5
-Period Bomb (Miami, FL)
-NNN Cook
-Skarekrau Radio
-Tubby Tom
-Mustache Daddy

Resident no-wave cult Skarekrau Radio returns for a show at the newish Livery space on Broadway alongside drag and other performers. Miami's Period Bomb fits right in with the first family of St. Louis skronk, spewing its own brand of noise-punk in support of upcoming LP, Permanently Wet. 

WED. APR. 19

@ 3500 Lemp | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Spirit of the Beehive (Philadelphia, PA)
-Hovvdy (Austin, TX)
-Shady Bug
-Kilometers Davis

Spirit of the Beehive plays loaded rock songs that crack under the weight of heavy, distorted riffing. The band's latest, Pleasure Suck, has songs that range from simple melodic lines to dense and busy dirges. This show was recently moved from the Nest to a space over at the Lemp warehouses. 

@ CBGB | 10pm | 21+
-Fried E/M (record release)
-The Stranger

With members of Jane Wave, Lumpy and the Dumpers and more, Fried E/M spreads its nuclear juice to the world via a new record. Both bands on this show share time and space with a weekly trivia night at CBGB.

THU. APR. 20

@ The Green Room at KSLU | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Curved Light (TX)
-Negative Spaces

Producer Peter Tran returns to St. Louis with his project Curved Light, which makes use of modular synthesizer to carve a distinct audiovisual performance. This show actually takes place in a backroom inside St. Louis University's student run radio station, which can be accessed by Grand and Lindell.

FRI. APR. 21

@ Foam | 9pm | $8 | all ages
-Yowie (album release)
-The Conformists

Yowie's new record, Synchromysticism, is shaping up to be the band's most popular record to date and for good reason. In the last five years, the trio has managed to funnel its sordid guitar language into an accessible and damn-near danceable mutation of math rock and no-wave. But trying to assign an actual genre to the band is pretty pointless, as the video above shows.  

SAT. APR. 22

@ Endless Planets | 12pm | free | all ages
-Fluke Nakes
-Ciej & Amir
-NNN Cook
This event's synthesis is three-fold, falling on Endless Planets' one-year anniversary, Record Store Day and Earth Day all at once. To that end, the day's entertainment is just as interesting: Catch live performances and DJ sets from 12 to 8pm, peep a new exhibition curated by local artist Theresa Moher, shop trunkVNTG clothing and more.

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Wrong Division Playlist: Apr. 13, 2017

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Trauma Harness “Ghost Of A Flea” from Ghost Of A Flea
Glued “Oppressor” from unreleased
The Funs “Don't Let Go” from My Survival
Little Big Bangs “Rotten Blood” from Star Power
Behavior “Outfit” from 375 Images of Angels
C.H.E.W. “Neuroleptics” from C.H.E.W.
Mark Plant Solo Noise Project “Snails Swirlin Around” from Improvised...
BB Eye “Big Cicada” from EP
Futuro “Mind Corruption” from A Torre da Derrota
Period Bomb “Wrong Vaxine” from Ovary Acting
This Saxophone Kills Fascists “This Will Not Stand” from And Then They...
Fried E/M “Coping” from 7"
The Stranger “Ritual” from 7"
Shady Bug “Walk Me Home” from tbh idk
The Spirit Of The Beehive “Time To Scratch Them All” from Pleasure Suck
Curved Light “Resincast” from Channelview
The USA Is a Monster “Clay People” from Wohaw
Timeghost “Phantom Ring” from Cellular
Lightning Bolt “The Faire Folk” from Ride the Skies
Noxagt “Soft Sugar” from Noxagt
Coughs “Elimidate” from Fright Makes Right
Zevious “A Tiller in a Tempest” from Passing Through the Wall
Yowie “Mysterium Tremendum” from Synchromysticism

This Week In St. Louis: Apr. 10 - 16, 2017

TUE. APR. 11

@ The Nest | 8pm | all ages
-Fond Han (NJ)
-Options (Chicago, IL)
-Shady Bug (tape release)

The Nest might as well be called "Exploding in Sound House" with all the bands from that label that have played there recently. And Shady Bug's debut release tbh idk sounds like it would fit right in with the roster. It's a masterclass in finely tuned rock songs all night.

THU. APR. 13

@ Dotzack | 9pm | $10-$20
New Music Circle presents:
-Peter Evans Septet (NY)

That's seven free-jazz musicians led by trumpeter Peter Evans for a night that features Jeff of Endless Planets as guest DJ and an installation by Elizabeth Moore, Chad Eivins, Stan Chisholm and many more visual artists from throughout the region.

FRI. APR. 14

@ CBGB | 9pm | $5-$7 | 21+
-Behavior (Los Angeles, CA)
-Little Big Bangs
-Mike Herr

Behavior makes slow-burning punk songs that carry influence from guitar-based kraut rock while exercising a bit of self restraint. These bass riffs could go for days, but the band is made all the better because they don't. A varied lineup of solo percussion, hardcore and more makes up the local support for this show. 

@ The Nest | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Trauma Harness (release show)
-Newt Patrol
-The Funs

If you went to (or even knew about) the not-so-secret show at the Way Out Club last month with Negative Approach, Sentridoh and members of Dinosaur Jr. covering the Stooges, you might recall Trauma Harness closing out the night. If you stayed long enough, you might have seen Lou Barlow grinning from ear to ear throughout the whole set. This is St. Louis (formerly Belleville) post-punk that impresses people who have pretty much seen it all.

SAT. APR. 15

@ Foam | 9pm | $7 | all ages
-Arrington de Dionyso (Olympia, WA)
-The Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra
-The Union Electric

Last year, artist and musician Arrington de Dionyso was targeted as a result of of the growing Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which led to the Comet Ping Pong shooting on December 6, 2016. On this tour Dionyso plays under the moniker "This Saxophone Kills Facists" as a reaction to the recently-debunked fake news story once pushed by alt-right media outlets. Read more about the project in this recent interview

@ Non Profit Basement Organization | 8pm | $5 | all ages
-C.H.E.W. (Chicago, IL)
-Mark Plant Solo Noise Project
-Timmy B
-Newt Patrol

Mark Plant (and his Solo Noise Project) hosts a show for Chicago's C.H.E.W., a fierce hardcore outfit that blends weird, angular riffs with harsh and metallic chords. This is the second of two shows this weekend for Newt Patrol, a band featuring members of Lumpy and the Dumpers and Sundowning. 

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Wrong Division Playlist: Apr. 6, 2017

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron.

Shady Bug “Helpless” from tbh idk
Fond Han “ID/DV” from Sham Cloud
Ahleuchatistas “Power With” from Arrebato
Blight Future “A Plan” from Love & Strategy
Snakehole “Bum Song” from Interludes of Insanity
Behavior “78” from 375 Images of Angels
Night Grinder “Street Justice, Pt. II” from Immediate Content
Night Grinder “Beautification & Sanitation” from Utopia
What We Won't See “Would You Blues” from blood covered winter
The Ex + Tom Cora “Total Preparation” from Scrabbling At The Lock
Vernacular String Trio “Parlance” from Parlance
Zevious “Entanglement” from Passing Through the Wall
Neptune “Purple Sleep” from Gong Lake
Don Vito “Jean-Luc Cora” from A Collection of Songs...
Push-Pull “Tans Taafl” from Hello Soldier!!!
Warhammer 48K “track 4” from An Ethereal Oracle
Goat “Solid Eye” from Rhythm & Sound
Passe Montagne “98% Cuir” from Oh My Satan
This is My Condition and Dan Kozak “This Mission Pt. 1” from This Mission
Gods on Safari “4th movement” from Suplex Reality
USCO “Crack In The Crystal Glass” from Treffpunkt
Hella “Welcome to the Jungle Baby, You're Gonna Live!” from The Devil Isn't Red
Timeghost “Cellular Automata” from Cellular
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan “A Star Over Pureland” from YT//ST

This Weekend In St. Louis: Apr. 6 - 9, 2017


@ Foam | 9pm | all ages
-Vernacular String Trio (album release)
-Dave Stone and friends
-DJ Michael Williams

A classically trained cellist, St. Louis' most prolific experimental violinist, and the host of KDHX's All Soul, No Borders, come together to speak an alien language through the use of their instruments in the VST. This show celebrates the release of Parlance, their new CD put out by Bob Bucko Jr.'s Personal Archives label. 

@ Milque Toast Bar | 7pm | $5 | all ages
-Twelve Gardens (OR)
-Gobblinjr (NY)
-The Chair Enthusiasts

Twelve Garden pulls its songs up a long, gradual incline built with solid tom-heavy drumming. The voice employed flows over a simple bedrock of guitar, blending into lush melody. Songwriter Nicole Bonura takes members of the Vanilla Beans as her backing band for Honeydew, a recent addition to the folk and indie set in St. Louis. 


@ The Sinkhole | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Snakehole (FL)
-No Ice (NY)
-The Regrets (NY)

Snakehole makes tight, riffy songs dented with tons of distortion. In the wrong hands, songs like these would feel overtly punk or metallic, yet the band knows how to morph its parts in just the right way. This show is a combination of two sets of touring artists, so five dollars is really a minimum donation -- consider giving more. 


@ El Lenador | 9pm | $5 | 21+
-Night Grinder (Denver, CO)
-Dead From the Neck Up
-Thumpy Sticky
-Beauty Pageant
-Kevin Harris

St. Louis ex-pat Brad Schumacher briefly returns to bring his glitchy, busy electronica to El Lenador. The local lineup on offer includes a longtime side project of Brain Transplant's Chris Smentowski, a set from noise-cult Beauty Pageant, modular synth madman Kevin Harris and Thumpy Sticky (Dave Stone, Drew Gowran, JJ Hamon, Chris Powers). 

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