This Week In St. Louis: Feb 20 - 26, 2017

TUE. FEB. 21

@ CBGB | 9pm | 21+
-Megan (Little Rock, AR)
-Peach Blush (Little Rock, AR)
-Boreal Hills

Little Rock's Peach Blush offers up dissonant riffage funneled into a hard-rock fever dream. Songs are typically driven by succinct solos between sets of fierce leads. Fresh off the release of its new tape Wet Couch, Boreal Hills provides local support with its off-center garage rock. 

THU. FEB. 23

@ Livery Company | 9pm | 21+
The Dewey Decibel Art Show:
-Mother Meat

South City Art Supply sponsors this show that features an enormous walk-through comic book that doubles as the latest issue of Shitty River's series, "A Confluence of Crap." Come for the crap and stay for the bands (plus a fashion show). A portion of bar sales goes to benefit St. Louis Public Library.

FRI. FEB. 24

@ RKDE | 7pm | $7
-Louie Louie (Philadelphia, PA)
-Black Panties
-Lumpy and the Dumpers
-Mirror Mirror

Since its debut in 2015, Louie Louie has been prolific with a constant stream of releases. By injecting its bouncy rock'n'roll with psychedelia, the band cranks out sharp and accessible songs that groove. Originally at Bonerville, this show has moved to RKDE, the recent addition to 2720's upper floor.

@ Schlafly Tap Room | 9pm | free | all ages
-Monotrope (OH)

With members of Hyrrokkin, Tigon and other bands loosely described as some flavor of "math rock," Monotrope subverts its own musical DNA with a more straight-forward rock excursion. Yowie performs in St. Louis for the first time since October with a set full of songs from its recently announced album, Synchromysticism

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