This Week In St. Louis: Jan. 23 - 29, 2017

THU. JAN. 26

@ Mekong | 9pm | $7 | all ages
-Max Eilbacher (Baltimore, MD)
-Headband (Baltimore, MD)
-Grain+Jer Kan
-DJ Swan

Maybe known best for his role as bassist of Baltimore's Horse Lords, Max Eilbacher filters noisy glitch into jagged beats. His solo endeavor lays somewhere between deconstructed dance songs and spacey tones. Jeremy Kannapell aka Ghost Ice collaborates with Grain (Bela Kanak of Willis) for a one-time performance. 

FRI. JAN. 27

@ The Sinkhole | 9pm | $7
-Dasher (Bloomington, IN)
-The Funs
-The Stranger

Bloomington's Dasher keeps its strong melody hidden under a blanket of static and hum, masking otherwise indie leanings with a heavy penchant for noise. Expect some subgenre of midwestern rock-somethings in three distinct shades. 

SAT. JAN. 28

@ The Luminary | 9pm | $10-$15 | all ages
HEARding Cats Collective presents:
-Kevin Harris
-Rich O'Donnell
-Dr. Mabuse

We've seen similar lineups from the HEARding Cats Collective before, yet this trio has consistently offered inventive shows that range from underwater performances to immersive audiovisual realms. Dubbed "Analog Revenge," this night promises three perspectives on modular and analog synthesizer. 

@ The Sinkhole | 9pm | $7
-Western Medication (Nashville, TN)
-Glowing One

Western Medication makes slow-burning shoegaze jams that unpeel in real time, revealing a crosshatch of subdued riffing. A strong local lineup opens the show, offering similarly meditative rock for an all around indie-focused bill. 

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