Wrong Division Playlist: Nov. 17, 2016

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11pm to 1am on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show at KDHX.ORG and check out past playlists on Spinitron

Glowing One “Watch It Go” from Demo
Kowabunga! Kid “Again and Again” from Wasting My Time
Livin' Thing “An Island” from It's A Livin' Thing
Petrillo “Self Portrait, 1932” from You Sure Told Her
Penetrode “Castrati” from Loss Adjustment
Miami Dolphins “Disconnected” from Perlite e.p.
IAN SWEET “#23” from shapeshifter
Sallow “Untitled II” from Wound Single
Sur “Jail” from Dawg Daze
Cheer-Accident “Graphic Depression” from Salad Days
Marriage “Norman” from For Brötzmann
Green Milk From the Planet Orange “OMGS” from City Calls Revolution
Ruins “Ramification” from Refusal Fossil (Special Edition)
Horse Lords “Bending to the Lash” from Interventions
This Heat “S.P.Q.R.” from Deceit
Imelda Marcos “4” from Preview from New LP
Sonny Sharrock “Black Woman” from Black Woman
Gaan “Chasmaeon” from Ga'An
Jealousy Mountain Duo “NEED MONEY FOR ACID” from Jealousy Mountain Duo No 3
Zevious “Entanglement” from Passing Through the Wall
USCO “Took Chase” from Treffpunkt
The Conformists “Reverse Alchemist” from Divorce
Timeghost “Cellular Automata” from Cellular