Wrong Division Playlist 8/18/16

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11PM to 1AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Telomere Repair “Bang You” from Telomere Repair
GUERILLA TOSS “Eraser Stargazer Forever (Live)” from Live in Nashville
Demon Lover “(Do the) Suicide Kit” from Moody Future
Hylidae “stress” from Hylidae
No Thanks “EX” from Position
Kenshiro's “i need you” from Grownup Music
Anybody But The Cops “Heather's Favorite Puking Spot” from The Shape of Punk To-Go
Drew Gowran “Vitality” from VITALITY
Drew Gowran “Moon Dancer” from VITALITY
Sex Funeral “...and Out” from Your Heaven Sucks
Gang Gang Dance “Glory in Itself/Egyptian” from God's Money
Pocahaunted “touch you” from Make It Real
Palberta “deja vu” from Special Worship
Palberta “Store” from Special Worship
The Ex + Tom Cora “Total Preparation” from Scrabbling At The Lock
You Fantastic! “MONOBLUES (I, II)” from Homesickness
The Sediment Club “B and the electric kill” from Kicked Back Into The Crypt
New England Patriots “What About The Wild” from (New England) Patriots Vol. 1
Skimask “Slap Me Silly” from Cute Mutant
The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower “SLC Hunks” from Love In the Fascist Brothel
Tarngo “Trenton” from Horman
Pat Metheny and Ornette Coleman “Compute” from Song X
PRE “Not Necessary” from Hope Freaks
Made in Mexico “black rabbit” from Zodiac Zoo
Colossamite “The Down Sound” from All Lingo's Clamor - EP
Timeghost “Intrusion” from Cellular
Man At Arms “Munitions” from The Lake Effect
Nick Millevoi “Bruxer” from Black Figure of a Bird - EP
CCDS (Death Squad) “Phantom Of Krankor” from Death Rides The Moonbeams!
Fischessen “Kittner” from Köder
Noxagt “Wall's End” from Noxagt