This Week In St. Louis: 8/15/16 - 8/21/16


Lily Konigsberg (NY)
Milk Vetch
Beauty Pageant
Fragile Farm
@ CBGB / 3163 S. Grand Blvd.
9 p.m. / $5 / 21+

Lily Konigsberg (of New York no-wave outfit Palberta) plays her solo odd-pop jammers in the narrow hallway of CBGB. Opening acts range from puppeteers to noise cults. Milk Vetch brings the latest songs from Lucy (of Little Big Bangs) and Zak Marmalefsky.


Spray Paint (Austin, TX)
The Rebel (Scotland)
Old Scratch's Burnpile
@ Off Broadway / 3509 Lemp Ave.
8 p.m. / $8

Austin's Spray Paint might be one of the weirdest working bands in punk right now. Askew riffs bleed over solid half-time beats that mostly stay on the straight and narrow. The lyrics wax lackadaisical through sarcastic group vocals and yet the formula feels fresh no matter how many times the band applies it throughout several records. An excerpt written by Sarah Trone describes Spray Paint's tour mate the Rebel in better words: 
Ben Wallers started the "Country Teasers" in the mid '90s, going on to release ten or so brilliant LPs while prodding their audience with satirical, sometimes offensive opinions written from first-person standpoints, taunting the listener to question their beliefs. From the ashes of the Teasers, Ben Wallers emerged as "The Rebel," having released some thirty albums since 2004. Obliged to travel so far from home in England, with guitar and Yamaha PSS 50, he's come to St. Louis to engage in frank discussions regarding the shriveling state of world power, the inevitable death of the patriarchy and the improbability of the American dream. Read the full Q&A at

Sex Funeral (Dubuque, IA)
Fragile Farm
Kevin Harris + Alex Cunningham
@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust St.
9 p.m. / free / all ages

Bob Bucko Jr. returns from Iowa with yet another immersive project. This time, guitar-driven malleable metal is hammered into free-form rock over the span of long, pensive pieces. The combo of Alex Cunningham and Kevin Harris typically provides literal violin shredding through modular synthesizer for a brain-squeezing blend of strings and frantic tones -- the real world sound of a sentient robot losing its mind. 

No Thanks (NE)
Nuclear Moms (OH)
Mirror Mirror
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / $7 / all ages

No Thanks offers rock songs led astray by hardcore leanings and a focus on civil action. The lyrics here feel as vital as the riffs underneath, which are easy to grasp and hold onto. Both Mirror Mirror and Bubbleheads are two of St. Louis' best bands to crop up in the last year, and both have already refined their sound through countless shows. 


Drew Gowran (tape release)
Alberto Patino
Dave Stone

Jaded Evil Lambs
@ Kismet / 3409 Iowa Ave.
9 p.m. / all ages

Drew Gowran has led the recent movement of solo-percussion performances in St. Louis with his louder-than-life approach that blends ripping rock drumming with a vicious take on jazz beats. There's an underlying groove to his gesticulations, speaking to a style that is less avant-garde and more universally relatable, despite its first impressions. 

See the calendar side bar for more shows happening this week including the next edition of NOiSETTE at Foam on Tuesday and a couple of fests on Saturday: the Whiskey War Festival and a Big Muddy Records summer picnic.