Wrong Division Playlist 7/28/2016

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11PM to 1AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Swear Beam “Gaze” from Swear Beam
Accidente “Yo Misma” from Pulso
Bugg “Untitled” from Bughouse Mixtape
C.C.T.V. “Paranoia” from Paranoia
Nots “Dust Red” from Dust Red
Erik Nervous “I'm A Brick” from Teen Distortion Art Junk Music
Ray Creature “Mother Sky (Can Cover)” from Live At Kota's Place
Drool “Youth Large” from Droolpussy
Royal Brat “Swim” from Negative Bone
Gymshorts “Owed to the Bank” from No Backsies
This Is My Condition “walk away” from Cut Loose
This is My Condition and Dan Kozak “This Mission Pt. 1” from This Mission
Gods on Safari “4th movement” from Suplex Reality
Curt Oren “I Love My Dog” from Curt Oren
What We Won't See “cops” from blood covered winter
The Sediment Club “B and the electric kill” from Kicked Back Into The Crypt
Horse Lords “Truthers” from Interventions
Glenn Branca “Symphony No. 5: 2nd Movement” from Symphony No. 5 (Describing Planes of an Expanding Hypersphere)
Jealousy Mountain Duo “Dallas Summer Song” from Jealousy Mountain Duo No 2
Tyondai Braxton “Oranged Out” from Oranged Out E.P.
Battles “IPT2” from B EP
Upsilon Acrux “In-A-Gadda-Devito” from Radian Futura
CCDS (Death Squad) “Shapeshifter/Devastator” from Death Rides The Moonbeams!
Zevious “Inciting” from Zevious
Gold Standard “Church Bells” from Gold Standard