Wrong Division Playlist 7/22/2016

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday night from 11PM to 1AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Veil “Into the Deep” from Into the Deep
Constant Insult “I Quit” from Constant Insult
Tunic “Disappointment” from Disappointment
Pinkwash “Longer Now” from Collective Sigh
Good Luck at the Hog Slaughter “Virtues” from Almost
Sneaks “Red” from Sneaks
Nü Sensae “Spit Gifting” from Sundowning
PRE “Why Be Wives” from Hope Freaks
Athletic Automaton “SWEATPANTS NO UNDERWEAR” from Athletic Automaton / Made In Mexico Split
CCDS (Death Squad) “322” from Death Rides The Moonbeams!
Black Eyes “Scrapes and Scratches” from Cough
Tarngo “Neuvo Nova” from Horman
Timeghost “On Airs, Waters, & Places” from Cellular
Telomere Repair “Evolution is a Fact” from Telomere Repair
Imelda Marcos “Dresses the Colors of Crayons” from Isa
Pat Metheny and Ornette Coleman “Video Games” from Song X
Cheer-Accident “This Is the New That” from No Ifs, Ands or Dogs
Grand Ulena “Between Tholozan and Oleatha” from Gateway to Dignity
Man At Arms “Designer Impostors” from A Waste of Time and Space
Curt Oren “I Love My Dog” from Curt Oren
Colossamite “My Driving Hand” from All Lingo's Clamor - EP
Exusamwa “Valley of Diamonds” from Excusez-Moi!
Arvid Noe “3D Jesus” from Islington
Melt-Banana “Spathic!!” from Charlie
USCO “Took Chase” from Treffpunkt