This Week In St. Louis 7/25/16 - 7/31/16


Dogbreth (Seattle, WA)
Drawing Water (Oakland, CA)
Falsetto Boy (Denver, CO)
Sunday Candy
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / $5-$7 / all ages

Seattle's Dogbreth makes power pop with a cheery disposition. Violin bass mingles with solid, fuss-free drumming to make a bed for all the upbeat melodies to lie. A songwriting stalwart of the river city now resides in Denver: St. Louis ex-pat Jim Fitzpatrick brings deeply personal songs through his Falsetto Boy moniker.


Shellshag (NY)
The Chill Dawgs
My Bloody Underwear
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

This minimalist punk brings slow, deliberate beats through double floor toms and a low snare. The vocal approach is less yelling and more sing-songy, which is a nice change of pace. Everything New York's Shellshag does feels laid back yet firmly in-the-pocket. 

On WEDNESDAY at Foam, check out a local drone-themed show featuring some of St. Louis' most experienced experimental musicians.


Wild Combo (MN)
Touchers (MN)
Maximum Effort
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / all ages

Members of Miami Dolphins and Solid Attitude mingle for a pair of new bands out of one of America's most prolific punk capitals: Minneapolis. Touchers is such a fresh band that it doesn't yet exist on the internet, but if the band's collective resume is anything to go by, expect extra spazzy sounds. Sweat is the newest digs from Luc of Black Panties, and Maximum Effort remains one of St. Louis' hardest hitting bands today.

Also on Thursday, Bruxism's 19th installment takes over the Tap Room, featuring an array of local talent: drummer Alberto Patino, electronic artist Blank Thomas and Schievff.


Ray Creature (IN)
Digital Goober
@ Bolozone
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

A last minute festival cancellation yields plenty more ways to catch some great acts this weekend. For instance, synth sweethearts Ray Creature pop up at Bolozone, while Wray and GT join a stacked show at the Nest.

For more weekend options, consider catching an early Friday set from Swear Beam at Vintage Vinyl or another free show that night: Asheville's True Sportsmanship at the Schlafly Tap Room.


Nots (Memphis, TN)
Erik Nervous (Kalamazoo, MI)
Tracing Wires
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
4:30 p.m. / $8-$10 / all ages

To further facilitate the fest scramble, Goner Records' Nots and Erik Nervous of Kalamazoo play a special early show at Foam, both delivering their own brands raw, cutthroat punk rock.

Also on Saturday, Atomic Cowboy hosts an outdoor fest on its sweet outdoor stage, featuring a diverse line-up that includes Bug Chaser, the Maness Brothers, Dubb Nubb and more.


C.C.T.V. (IN)
Bugg (Bloomington, IN)
Accidente (Spain)
Fried E/M
Glowing One

@ Skate Liborious / 1850 Hogan St.
7 p.m. / $10 / all ages

C.C.T.V. digs deep with the kind of hooks that won't let up, as the songs are punctuated with damn-near perfection. This attention to detail elevates the band beyond the typical hardcore set, taking every lesson learned from the Ramones and its many imitators to achieve the highest highs in songwriting without suffering the lowest lows. Accidente brings melodic party punk all the way from Spain. Yes, this is real life: Spanish punks playing in an old church filled with skate ramps in north city.

For a Sunday night of shoegaze, NYC's Pawns play at Foam with Tone Rodent and Persh.