This Week In St. Louis 6/13/16 - 6/19/16


Fucked Up Fuckin System (Oklahoma City, OK)
Porno Glows (Chicago, IL)
@ Rootwad Park
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

When picking out the playlist for the WD radio show every week, we take special care to plays songs from upcoming shows, but bands like these tear FCC regulations to shreds. If not for the names, then it's for the liberal use of "fuck" in every song. But that's likely the point here -- these punks across the plains carry the "I dare you to fucking like this" attitude all the way to the Mississippi. Have you heard tell of "shows in a van down by the river?" This is the new that. 


Daniel Wyche (Chicago, IL)
Eric Hall
Alex Cunningham
Joseph Hess
@ Kismet / 3409 Iowa
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Experimental electronics, strings and percussion mingle for a rapid-fire succession of five sets -- 4 short solo performances will be punctuated by a final quartet with some of St. Louis' most active artists in the contemporary noise and avant-garde scene. File this under "most likely to fall through the cracks" in a stellar week of shows, so don't slip and sleep on it. 


Kaleidoscope (NY)
Lumpy and the Dumpers (record release)
My Bloody Underwear
@ Bolozone
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

The Dumpers' Huff My Sack LP dropped before its recent Australian tour, but that doesn't mean the locals won't have their own sordid celebration. This isn't the band's first LP (that honor goes to a vinyl compilation of 7" releases and cassettes), but it is Lumpy's first full-length album, which bears mentioning. Kaleidoscope's VOL. ONE is as listenable as a basement-dubbed noise tape from 1999, which is a good or a bad thing depending on who you ask. The live show actually brings more clarity than the band's recorded output. 

Weakwick (Minneapolis, MN)
@ Kismet / 3409 Iowa
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Weakwick funnels the meanest riffs from bands like Lightning Bolt into bangable punk songs. Their latest release is on Rotted Tooth Recordings (Oozing Wound, Supersonic Piss, Mayor Daley, St. Louis' own Shaved Women). They come from the Minneapolis scene of reject-punk and miscreant noise rock, having rubbed shoulders with the likes of Animal Lover, Miami Dolphins, Uranium Club, et cetera. This is a two band show -- as opposed to five or six (or 90 happening the next day).


Riverfront Times Music Showcase feat.:
The Conformists
Little Big Bangs
+many more
@ The Grove
1 p.m. / $10

The schedule for this all-local festival is insane, and while we typically wouldn't mention the kind of show that you could read about everywhere else, one-half of Wrong Division helped organize the event (hence some of the bands you see listed above). $10 for 90+ bands in a 14-or-so hour span. 


Radioactivity (TX)
Bad Sports (TX)
The Humanoids
Bad Taste
@ San Loo / 3211 Cherokee St.
7 p.m. / $10

Radioactivity keeps a steady pulse with a searing style of straight-ahead punk that rarely veers off path. There's something to be said about bands like this (and touring mates Bad Sports) who help carry the punk torch without watering down the approach. St. Louis' Humanoids provide a perfect fit with their deep hooks and heady riffs that make each song weigh a metric ton. 

See the calendar side bar for more shows happening this week including an early Monday show at Foam, hardcore Bonerville humpday, the return of Speedy Ortiz, northwestern post punk on Saturday, and a Sunday night filled with garage-punk guys.