This Week In St. Louis 5/16/16 - 5/22/16


The Body (Providence, RI)
Everything Went Black
Ghost Ice
@ The Firebird / 2706 Olive St.
8 p.m. / $10-$12 / all ages

By building an oppressive wall of noise through low, tonal chords bathed in a combination of bass distortion and fuzz, the Body offers a slow-moving melody that drones over sharp beats. The rhythms cut through, dictating the guitar's direction with hefty downbeats and a counter balance of thrashing cymbal play. The vocals here are equally as shrill yet sit in a higher register, creeping above the mass of metal, blackened and burnt to a crisp. The local lineup offers two acts who represent the dual life of the Body -- a band that resides in the noise community as well as the metal scene. 


Ahleuchatistas (Asheville, NC)
The Conformists
Biggie Stardust
Skin Tags
@ 2720 Cherokee
9 p.m.

Sure, Asheville's Ahleuchatistas is a difficult and challenging band. But this duo, more so than many others, takes those labels of "math" and "progressive" and meets the audience halfway with references from traditional folk music in Africa and the Middle East. This isn't fusion though; Ahleuchatistas manages to squeeze blood from a stone through its careful use of genre idioms, making a wholly original and esoteric experience through the standard rock setup of guitar and drums. While 2720 might seem like a strange venue, the band performed there as part of last year's PuFest and requested the use of its large P.A. system to elevate the volume and aesthetic -- all the while bathed in the visuals of Chizmo.TV.


Spray Paint (Austin, TX)
Constant Insult (MN)
Black Panties
Fuck Lungs
@ CBGB / 3163 Grand Blvd.
9 p.m. / $7 / 21+

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth was a massive 8-piece grunge-rock outfit who, through several years and multiple lineup changes, morphed into a stripped down noise-rock band. While some former members went on to form the rhythmic odyssey of Austin-based Marriage, the other players started Spray Paint. Decidedly more punk, SP takes a pitch-imperfect pop approach to warped songs played through raw guitars. The Goner Records punk aesthetic is in spades here, but you can't fool the ones who know better: Spray Paint is a band of weirdos through and through.


Pinkwash (Philadelphia, PA)
The Funs
Mirror Mirror
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / all ages

By way of Philly, Pinkwash brings vicious riffs that feel rhythmically jilted by deconstructed rock beats played in mostly half-time. The duo's otherwise catchy hooks come in the guise of many effects, with additional octaves and distortion flooding each riff. Behind the ear-busting presentation comes simple yet effective songs with a driving force of belted yells. The stellar local lineup offers a more mellow foil to Pinkwash's frenetic approach. 

Rhys Chatham (NY)
Vernacular String Trio
@ The Luminary / 2701 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / $15-$17 / all ages

With a deep footprint in the New York scene, the legendary Rhys Chatham has been a driving force in contemporary experimental composition for several decades. His sweat and body of work has spread through the DNA of east coast post-punk and no-wave, but here he offers a more intimate presentation with a solo performance based on his latest album, Pythagorean Dream. Expect his distinct minimalist approach to pour out from the electric guitar, trumpet and the baritone flute. 

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