Wrong Division Playlist 2/26/2016

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Cheval de Frise “Incline Et Chenu” from Cheval de Frise
Doom Ribbons “Prayer for Collapsing Economies” from The Violence the Violence
Ahleuchatistas “erosion” from Arrebato
Britches “Dream Song” from Democracy
Collections of Colonies of Bees “fun” from Customer
Normal Love “Lend Some Treats” from Survival Tricks
Goat “New Games” from New Games
Dead Rider “Mother's Meat” from The Raw Dents
Brise-Glace “2” from when in Vanitas...
Black Eyes “Drums” from Cough
Nicoffeine “Handjobs & Runaways” from Lighthealer Stalking Flashplayer
Ex Models “Chrome Panthers” from Chrome Panthers - EP
Microwaves “Vampire Me” from Psionic Impedance
Boredoms “Bod” from Pop Tatari
Aids Wolf “Gnarly Tooth” from Cities of Glass
USCO “Crack in the Crystal Glass” from Treffpunkt
Dysrhythmia “Heat Sink” from Pretest
Many Arms “Greater Mass” from Suspended Definition
Ruins “Stonehenge” from Ruins Alone
Hella “Kid Life Crisis” from Tripper

This Week In St. Louis 2/22/16 - 2/28/16


The Roaring 420s (Dresden, Germany)
Bastard the Crows

This is the kind of show for people who can't say "rock" without "n' roll." Dresden's Roaring 420s have an unhealthy obsession with the year 1969, specifically in America, and benefits can certainly be reaped from a band who sounds like it lives in a vacuum with a few six-strings and the most obscure of scratchy old rock records, bent and warped with the passage of time. Malady is the newest digs from Ryan Macias, otherwise known for his lead guitar work in Little Big Bangs. 


Bruxism #14 feat.:
Rich O'Donnell
Van McElwee
Benjamin Kaplan
Now that Close/Far's Bruxism is settled in at Schlafly Tap room, the bi-monthly series has switched to a monthly format, but the good news is every show is now free. February's edition features Rich O'Donnell, proprietor of the HEARDing Cats Collective and director of the Electronic Music Studio at Webster University. This night brings a mix of video projections and percussive noise. 
If you know Ancestral Diet or Sports, you know what to expect. If not, maybe it's best to approach this one with virgin ears. The video above provides a preview of the show to come -- a collaboration between Colby Nathan (of New England Patriots) and Caethua shows how the two songwriters combine their styles for an odd and amorphous set. The local lineup features two of St. Louis' most prolific songwriters.

A local-centric rock lineup with Buttercup, Ish, Kenshiro's happens down Cherokee Street at San Loo. 

Conductor from Columbia plays a free show at Schlafly Tap Room with support from Shitstorm, Little Big Bangs and Dracla. 


Drum Machine Tape Release feat.:
(Record Release)
The Warden
@ Bonerville / Ask Somebody
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages
Ben Osbourne (of Ruz, Lumpy and the Dumpers, 1,000+ other bands) wrote a set of songs with drum machine as the basis. He then invited several of his friends, some from bands, some not, to play on separate songs and put everything together for a Lumpy Recs tape. According to Ben, this show is the ONLY time you'll be able to hear those songs in a live format. 

Wrong Division Playlist 2/19/2016

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Rip Rap “Scout” from Rips A Demo
Malady “Volver A Los Caleuche” from Venga Bruja
Gag “Pretty Boy” from America's Greatest Hits
Terrible Truths “Pressure” from Terrible Truths
Palm “Trading Basics” from Palm
Eula “Dirty Hands” from Maurice Narcisse
Ovlov “The City” from What's So Great About This City?
The Bug “Buzz” from What's Buggin You?
Bugs and Rats “Hole in the Ocean” from Bugs and Rats
Health Problems “Leaders” from Winners
Sediment Club “Vehicular Suspicion” from Kicked Back Into The Crypt
Melt-Banana “Infection Defective” from Fetch
Xbxrx “Center Where Sight” from Wars
Deerhoof “The Perfect Me” from 99% Upset Feeling
Zach Hill “Dark Arts” from Astrological Straits
Caddywhompus “Age of Wild Spirits” from The Weight
Female Demand “Shred Tactics” from FD2
Ruins “Heraklion” from Refusal Fossil (Special Edition)
Lightning Bolt “Dracula Mountain” from Wonderful Rainbow
Shaved Women “Circles” from Shaved Women
Phantom Head “Do You Like This Life?” from South of Heaven
Egg Chef “Orange Wurm” from Opinions Are MEANINGLESS In The Void 7"
Brainiac “Vincent Come On Down” from Hissing Prigs in Static Couture
SHORTY “I prefer Nitwit” from Fresh Breath EP
Laddio Bolocko “Goat Lips” from Life and Times of Laddio Bolocko
Man or Astro-man? “Song of the Two-Mile Linear Particle Accelerator Stanford University, Stanford California” from A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
Marnie Stern “Her Confidence” from Marnie Stern
Melkbelly “Doomspringa” from Doomspringa
The Funs “Don't Let Go” from My Survival

This Week In St. Louis 2/15/16 - 2/21/16


Jitters (FL)
Jr. Clooney
@ Foam / 3359 South Jefferson Avenue
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

We are not about branding, but this show and the Drummers Only Deux event happening on Saturday are "Wrong Division" events if we're being technical about it. Originally, Jitters was touring in support of Jealousy Mountain Duo from Germany, but the latter has since dropped all shows in lieu of its drummer's broken arm (from hitting the drums too damn hard over several years, no joke). That said, Jitters adheres to what has become the math rock formula inspired by bands such as Hella and Don Caballero, but the resulting sound is a guitar gone haywire with sharp percussion and a penchant for heavy breakbeats. 


Microwaves (Pittsburgh, PA)
The R6 Implant
Double God
@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust Street
9 p.m. / free / all ages

Pittsburgh's Microwaves brings a brain-bent guitar syndrome drowned in warbling synth and kinetic percussion. The drums maintain a hefty black metal feel through the static and hum while the vocals feel ripped out of the early '90s, landing somewhere between fiercely spoken word and angry shouting. The use of synth is liberal here without a keyboard in sight, thanks to foot pedals and a musical sleight of hand. The band recently moved from Weasel Walter's ugEXPLODE imprint to New Atlantis Records, joining the good company of bands such as Upsilon Acrux and killer BOB.

The Brass from Brooklyn is coming to town (likely Bonerville) with openers Ruz and Lars, who is playing the next night at the same spot. Details regarding venue have been vague, so we suggest looking at the Facebook event page to stay updated. 

A quick three band power run of rock takes place at Foam on this night with Ohio group Weird Science, Brenda from Kentucky and Cave Lizard (former Big Blonde). 


Gag (WA)
Combat Knife (WA)
The Warden
@ Bonerville / Ask Somebody
9 p.m. / $7 / all ages
Gag feels like a vicious recourse to hardcore in more ways than one. Not only does the band adhere to a generally aggressive sound, but it does so with a pitch perfect approach, staying absolutely in-the-pocket. Someone send them a memo: Punk bands aren't supposed to practice this much, right? The Warden and Lars are both of south city hardcore illuminati and among the strongest in Lumpy Recs exports. 

Don't call it World Music: The Texas Room's first full-length album, Non-Fiction, debuts on this night at Blank Space with several performers from around the world. Louis Wall, the proprietor of the Texas Room, produced one song each month for the whole of 2015 with several players spanning five continents, and this release show shares the full-length album that came out of this year-long collaboration. 


Drummers Only Deux feat.:
Mike Herr/Patrick Boland
Hannah Costillo/Gabe Vines
Drew Gowran/Alberto Patino
Shelly Koesterer/Scott Alexander

+many more
@ The Luminary/2701 Cherokee Street
8 p.m. / $7 / all ages

12 different duos made up of area percussionists and drummers team up on this night for a charity event to benefit International Institute St. Louis and the Organization for Black Struggle. The concert works more like an installation than a typical show, with each duo performing for 10-15 minutes before a seamless transition to the next act. Expect a solid 2-3 hour block of music made of several different disciplines. Arrive on time for a venue-wide piece featuring every participating act. 

Chicago indie-rock invades the Billiken Club on this night with Twin Peaks and openers Persh and Drag. 

Wrong Division Playlist 2/12/2016

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Jitters “Carnivorous Habits” from Untitled
Microwaves “Your Last Nerve (feat. Microwaves)” from Live at KDHX 4/18/14
The Tennis Lesson “Man Vs.” from Quality Minutes
Warhammer 48K “track 2” from An Ethereal Oracle
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth “Conjurin'” from Peaced
Running “Wanna Weekend” from Vaguely Ethnic
Bill Orcutt & Jacob Felix Heule “Christmas on Earth” from Colonial Donuts
The Sediment Club “B and the electric kill” from Kicked Back Into The Crypt
Goat “Std” from New Games
Ahleuchatistas “Power With” from Arrebato
Marriage “Norman” from For Br√∂tzmann
Marriage “Sweet Yogi” from For Br√∂tzmann
Coughs “malibu” from Zum Audio Volume 3
New England Patriots “Ribbit Ribbit” from (New England) Patriots Vol. 1
Tarngo “North R Street” from Horman
Ninja Academy “Neckface” from bra'ka dOm
Cheer-Accident “Salad Dies” from No Ifs, Ands or Dogs
Chris Trull and Danny McClain “Killing Fever” from Digging Out the Switch Again
U.S. Maple “Bumps and Guys” from Talker

This Week In St. Louis 2/8/16 - 2/14/16


Theories (Seattle, WA)
Everything Went Black
Heavy Horse
@ The Demo / 4191 Manchester Ave.
8 p.m. / $10

Seattle's Theories functions like a well-oiled machine, masking any rough edges with an obvious penchant for fine-tuning and rehearsal. Few bands feel this robotic with such pointed execution, and this particular brand of grind-metal benefits most from such a sharp and clean performance. Prepare for a band that is equally dark and hypnotically perfect. Word is, Heavy Horse is splitting up and this is their final show before their actual last show.


Bridled Spells
Strong Force
Marble//Wall Duo
@ CBGB / 3163 S. Grand Ave.
9 p.m. / 21+

A LOCALS ONLY kind of night with the first performance of Bridled Spells, the new band from Geoff Naunheim (who you might remember from Wild Hex). The rest of the bill is mixed with free-improvisation, odd-pop and the newest five-piece version of Sam Clapp's once solo endeavor, Strong Force. Donations are accepted but there's no touring band, meaning you can go for free, guilt-free.

Pat Sajak Assassins
The Tennis Lesson
Bear Cub
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / free / all ages

Once again, another St. Louis-centric show that gives a good primer on the more melodic side of post-rock in the city. All three bands on the show share a few common threads with an emphasis on odd-timing and noisier passages. The Tennis Lesson in particular doesn't play as often as the others despite consistently pumping out quality releases year after year.


Hands and Feet
Golden Curls
@ City Museum / 750 N. 16th St.
8 p.m. / all ages

This is the second night in Stephen Favazza's current residency at the City Museum, bringing what is possibly the strongest lineup of the month. Hands and Feet is the name for Favazza's solo-endeavor, which typically merges backing tracks and loops with live instrumentation to build a powerful string of songs. He also performs as part of Golden Curls, the dream-pop power trio led by Sarah Downen. .e rounds out the night with her guitar-driven set of angular riffs set to a dark, electronic back drop.

Acid Kat 4th Birthday Show feat.:
The Cowboys (Bloomington, IN)
Wray (Birmingham, AL)
Soda Boys
Tubby Tom
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
8:30 p.m. / $5 / all ages

The Cowboys sound like classic punk rock to a fault -- not to say the underrated Bloomington group rips off its idols, rather, the band plays like it invented the damn sound. Check out the Cowboys' 2nd EP above while you wait for the new full-length LP to go back on sale via Lumpy Recs.

Leggy (Cincinatti, OH)
Town Cars
Sunday Candy
Skin Tags

@ Bonerville
10 p.m. / donation$ / all ages

Every band on this show has a woman and/or other women. This is lady's night at a place so affectionately referred to as "Bonerville," with Cincinatti's Leggy leading the pack. Rabid punk mingles with rapid-fire indie rock while noisy pop oozes from the walls. BYO(Valentine).

Wrong Division Playlist 2/5/2016

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Guerilla Toss “CGB Spender” from JEFFREY JOHNSON
Lumpy and the Dumpers “Flush Em” from Flexi
Mollot “Teeth” from U.S. Winter Tour Tape
Q “Terrqr” from Recqrd
Pink & Brown “Black Pearl” from Shame Fantasy II
Oxes “Kaz Hayashi '01” from Oxxxes
Yowie “Eternally Collapsing Object” from Damning With Faint Praise
Hella “In the Meantime, in Between Time” from Total Bugs Bunny On Wild Bass
Ahleuchatistas “Unfolding” from What You Will
Neptune “The Waterglass” from The Ballet of Process
Skimask “Creature Double Feature” from Cute Mutant
The Contortions “Dish it Out” from No New York
Brainiac “Nothing Ever Changes” from Hissing Prigs in Static Couture
Roomrunner “Disintegrate” from Roomrunner - EP
Trauma Harness “E Burst” from TRIED MY HARDEST
Bugs and Rats “Boys Are Dumb” from Bugs and Rats
Health Problems “Lies & Movement” from Winners
Times Beach “Coral” from Raw Pop
Melkbelly “Piss Wizard” from Melkbelly/BATB split
Melt-Banana “Candy Gun” from Fetch
Pterodactyl “Chx Bx” from Pterodactyl
Animal Lover “Fits of Protein” from Guilt - EP
Multicult “Stop Calling” from Spaces Tangled
Xaddax “Lives on Nerves” from Counterclockwork
Telomere Repair “F Equals O” from Telomere Repair II
The VSS “Muscle” from 21:51
The Sunglasses “Mighty Trees” from Tropical Brain Forest
Mystic Inane “ode to joy” from Ode to Joy
Quietly “in the mouth of the wolf” from Unfortunate Sound
Devo “space junk” from Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

This Week in St. Louis 2/1/16 - 2/7/16


Soda (Gainesville, FL)
The Bubbleheads 
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Avenue 
8 p.m. / $5 / all ages
Gainesville's Soda reaches across the board, opting for that catch-all kind of party punk that seems easy to grab onto but the group keeps its songs on the edge with busy, noisy passages. The Bubbleheads released its demo just a few months back and word is, the band is bringing out several new songs in the very near future. Shitstorm and Fumer are both anchors in St. Louis, but if you haven't caught either, this show is as good excuse as any. 

Power Trip from Dallas, Texas is currently on tour with Anthrax and Lamb of God, but the band hits St. Louis on an off-night to play Fubar with Out of Time, Grand Inquisitor and Skinner.


Way Out Weirdo Wednesday #5 featuring 
Monster Sized Monster
St. Michael 
Micaela Mohr 
Drew Gowran 
Jaded Evil Lambs
@ The Way Out Club / 2525 S. Jefferson Avenue 
9 p.m. / free / 21+
David Bell (of the Paradoxal Pterodactyl podcast) pulls the bizarre, inane and obviously weird to the Way Out Club for a monthly gathering of cross-genre brain gnashing and cheap booze. This month mixes classic St. Louis noise acts with stand-up comedy, hip-hop and a solo drum performance by Drew Gowran. 


Mollot (Toronto, Canada)
Lumpy and the Dumpers
@ Bonerville / Ask Somebody 
9 p.m. / $7 / all ages
The cover of Mollot's tour tape shows an opossum or some kind of rat-thing "making love" with a sledgehammer. In keeping with that theme, Toronto's Mollot sounds equally as twisted, opting for harsh, fast punk inside scuzzy noise and fuzz. The local lineup is a solid primer on south city punk with Lumpy leading the pack. Someone told me Q was breaking up. I guess THEY forgot. We call that progress, compared to what used to happen with hardcore bands in St. Louis: Release a full-length and immediately call it quits.

Captured Planet 
Stephen Favazza 
Eric Hall 
Travis Bursik
@ Beatnik Bob's (inside City Museum) / 701 N 15th Street 
8 p.m. / all ages
Stephen Favazza, the sole player behind Hands and Feet, offers the first of several nights that explore both electronic and experimental artists inside the Beatnik Bob's space upstairs at City Museum. This night's lineup reads Favazza's full name, as opposed to Hands and Feet, because he plans to perform a rare ambient set alongside local purveyors of the genre Travis Bursik and Eric Hall. Captured Planet rounds out the show, kicking off a full month that will feature .e, Golden Curls and many artists from the FarFetched Collective.