This Week in St. Louis 1/18/16 - 1/24/16


New Music Circle presents:
Susan Alcorn
Frank Rosaly
@ Joe's Cafe / 6010 Kingsbury Ave.
8 p.m. / $10-$20 / all ages

New Music Circle's first event of 2016 surgically cuts the new year open with a scalpel. Susan Alcorn takes to the pedal steel with moaning drones and a style that weaves warm, warbling tones with more sharp and pointed playing. Percussionist Frank Rosaly joins her on this night, providing a flurry of fierce percussive work, bouncing between linear beats and abstract flourishes. 


Brinkstock feat.:
Helta Skelta (Australia)
Cross Examination
Lumpy and the Dumpers
Pink Sock
The Warden
@ St. Liborius / 1850 Hogan St.
8 p.m. / donation$ / all ages

Brinkstock, the memorial show for Ryan Brinkmann, brings together several friends and bands from throughout the city to celebrate and pay tribute to the life of a close friend. This concert was recently combined with a show featuring Australia's Helta Skelta, so bring a few extra dollars for a band who traveled half-way across the world. The floor will be open for skating, so boards are welcome. 

Plastic (Chicago, IL)
John Beabout
Biggie Stardust
Fragile Farm
@ Livery Company / 3227 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / $5

Plastic's synth-heavy punk songs fit loosely around solid hooks and burn out quick before wearing out. That kind of brevity feels fresh for a genre typically built on slow burns and build-ups, and the Chicago band's vocal approach keeps the general sound more rough-edged. Synth is abundant, but pop this is not. Biggie Stardust makes live collages with samples and minor vocal flourishes while Fragile Farm operates entirely through a loop station. 

Drew Gowran
Dave Stone

Zak M.
Marble//Wall Duo
@ Kismet / 3409 Iowa
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Save for the darkly crooning Zak M, this night is packed with improv with the duo of Drew Gowran and Dave Stone leading the pack. J.J. Hamon of Demonlover moonlights as OkENDO, crafting busy pieces through real-time manipulation of homemade instruments and modular synthesizers. Marble//Wall Duo brings scattershot percussion and keys together for abstract songs that sway between slower, more pensive parts and full-on tonal assaults. 


HEARding Cats Collective presents:
Chris Brown + Symprov Trio
@ The 560 Music Center / 560 Trinity Ave.
7:30 p.m. / $10-$15 / all ages

Chris Brown, co-director of the Center for Contemporary Music, makes use of the PianoBar, a device that uses infrared signals to convert piano to MIDI. On this night, Brown is backed by three of St. Louis' more dynamic improvisers in Asako Kuboki, Timothy Myers, and legendary percussionist Rich O’Donnell. HEARding Cats Collective has become notorious for its relative lack of self-promotion, but fans of experimental music, free-jazz and noise in general should bookmark the organization's Facebook page for updates and announcements of new events.