This Week In St. Louis 12/28/15 - 1/3/16


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Scotty Starlite
DJ Boogieman

@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / free / 18+

Hylidae heads a synth-laden show at Blank Space that features electronic artists along with DJ spins. Legal options for the 18-20 set are typically limited on this night (and usually come with a high price tag), but this is free, making it the best cheap date with actual dance music. 

Smear (TX)
Gush (Springfield, IL)
The Warden
@ Bonerville
8:30 p.m. / $5-$7 / all ages

Texas' Smear wrecks tough hardcore songs with overclocked riffs and scattershot drums. Gush is femme-fronted punk that teeters on no-wave with disparate beats that are barely danceable but loud and mean all the same. BYOB stands for bring your own brains. Don't be stupid. 

Radiator Greys
V Manuscript (Providence, RI)
Valise (Providence, RI)
Trust Image (NY)
Die Reihe (NY)
Farewell My Concubine (NY)
Ben Kudler (NY)
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / $10 / all ages

The prodigal son(s) return(s). Josh Levi's moniker Radiator Greys has been a force in the D.C. scene since his move from St. Louis. Industrial sounds align for a controlled chaos of tape loops, samples and pitch-perfect feedback. Peeling back the noise reveals a harsh progression with stabbing, shrill peaks and low, warbing tones. Die Reihe, otherwise known as Jack Callahan, takes a more minimalist approach, as he's been known to embrace space over pushing the loudest sound possible. In this way, each choice carries an audible weight -- be it delicate or crushing. The full lineup reads like a list of headliners for a noise fest based on the East Coast, only it's happening in your backyard on Cherokee Street. 


The Brainstems
Sole Loan
@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust St.
9 p.m. / free / all ages

Willis dares you to like their songs while the Brainstems blindside with endless hooks. Sole Loan rounds out a three-band power bill to head off the New Year. Free is free, but this show deserves your attention at the very least. 

Blight Future
@ The Firebird / 2706 Olive Blvd.
9 p.m. / $7 / all ages
This show was once booked at the Heavy Anchor but has been moved to the Firebird to allow for all ages to attend. The lineup is solid, but the big draw here is the cause: All the proceeds collected at the door go to benefit a refugee family. And there is a message embedded in attending a concert like this: There are people in St. Louis who welcome refugees and immigrants with open arms. 

Wrong Division Playlist Christmas Day 2015

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Cheer-Accident “Christmas Song '98” from A Smoking For Two Christmas
The Warden “Side A” from The Warden
Bleeding Gums “Demo 2015” from Demo 2015
Ritalin OD “Ritalin” from S.S. Baby Jacket
Smear “Smeared” from Smeared
Gush “Gud Girl” from Naughty Nuff
Cheer-Accident “Christmas Song '01” from A Smoking For Two Christmas
Swell Maps “Let's Buy A Bridge” from Jane from Occupied Europe
90 Day Men “Dialed In” from (It (Is) It)
Hylidae “Juno” from Intransitive
Food Pyramid “Mango Sunrise” from Mango Sunrise
Footwork “Jurassic Punk” from Footwork
Cheer-Accident “Christmas Song '03” from A Smoking for Christmas Two
Health Problems “Paramount” from Winners
Angel Hair “Origin of Species” from Pregnant With the Senior Class
Animal Lover “At the Pool With My Boys” from Guilt - EP
Archaeopteryx “elephant jester with a hat made out of trunks either sneezing or crying” from Animal/Archaeopteryx Split
Arab On Radar “St. Patrick's Gay Parade” from Queen Hygiene II / Rough Day At the Orifice
Sediment Club “R Radio Raheem” from Psychosymplastic
Antioch Arrow “Paper Moshay” from Gems of Masochism
Aksak Maboul “A Modern Lesson” from Un Peu de L'âme des Bandits
Cheer-Accident “Christmas Song '99” from A Smoking For Two Christmas
Animal “Improvisation 1” from Animal/Archaeopteryx Split
BIG BEAR “Song 20” from Under the Beach
Nü Sensae “swim” from Sundowning
Eunuch “Endless Drone Strikes” from Castration
Shaved Women “Adulthood” from Shaved Women 7"
Harco “Green” from Influential Noise Band
The Fordists “Spirit Of The Truth” from Economic Stimulus EP
Pillow Talk “I'm Famous” from Pillow Talk
Cheer-Accident “Christmas Song '07” from A Smoking For Two Christmas

This Week In St. Louis 12/20/15 - 12/26/15


Tunic (Winnipeg, Canada)
Trauma Harness
Hardbody (split 7" release)
Skin Tags (split 7" release)
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Tunic tears through noisy punk with punchy, fuzzed-out bass and busy beats under metallic riffs. The video above has a tongue-in-cheek date stamp of "FEB 3 1994," but the band wouldn't feel out of place opening for say, Drive Like Jehu or Shellac in their respective primes. Trauma Harness released Tried My Hardest earlier this year and, if we had a top ten list (which we might still get around to), that LP would sit near the top. 


Eric Hall
The Tory Starbuck Project
Slave Cable

@ The Heavy Anchor / 5226 Gravois Ave.
9 p.m. / $7 / 21+

If you missed the Freezerburn/Acid Kat Stocking Stuffer last week, this show feels like a live remix, complete with Tory Starbuck's full-band and the new no-wavish stylings of Slave Cable. Although Eric Hall seems to play every week, don't mistake scarcity for quality -- he remains one of St. Louis' strongest proponents of experimental noise, taking a more sample and synth-heavy approach, as opposed to harsh squalor. 

Bug Chaser
Thor Axe
@ Off Broadway / 3509 Lemp Ave.
9 p.m. / $10

Mud House on Cherokee offers coffee and delicious food, but its employees offer some of south city's weirdest rock. Dracla is a vampirical band with a blatant disregard for spelling or grammar, Bug Chaser is best band in St. Louis with two drummers and Thor Axe walks over the dead corpses of guitar heroes. Spend that post-Christmas cash responsibly -- eat local, live local, die local, blow out yr eardrums local. 


Ritalin OD (Chicago, IL)
Bleeding Gums (Chicago, IL)
The Warden
@ Bonerville
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

A duo of Chicago bands brings spazz and scuzz to the south city basement of Bonerville. Ritalin OD's hardcore suffocates with a constant wall of static over riffs that carry the cacophony forward. Like its name suggests, the band feels hyperactive, slowing only for the occasional break in noisy glory. 

Wrong Division Playlist 12/18/2015

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Spandrels “I Hate Songs and People” from I Hate Songs and People
The Inheritance “A Peace” from Demo
Trauma Harness “Hawk Ledge/Carbonless” from TRIED MY HARDEST
Phantom Head “Do You Like This Life?” from South of Heaven
Smear “Intro” from Smeared
Smear “Jail Food” from Smeared
Bugs and Rats “I'd Really Like To See You In the Cold” from Bugs and Rats
.e “One Goes First” from Of Crashing Symbols
Travis Bursik “Slow Milk” from Slow Milk
The Tennis Lesson “Pirouettes” from Quality Minutes
Lair “Delirium” from Test
Eula “Dirty Hands” from Maurice Narcisse
Marnie Stern “Her Confidence” from Marnie Stern
Deerhoof “Running Thoughts” from The Runners Four
The Advantage “Marble Madness” from The Advantage
Hella “1-800-Ghost-Dance” from ACOUSTICS
Die Monitr Batss “Heatersss” from Girls of War
Coughs “Elimidate” from Fright Makes Right
Gay Beast “tides” from Second Wave
Tunic “Bend” from Tunic/Conduct Split 7
Running “Totally Fired” from Running
Ultra Bidé “Civil Action” from DNA vs. DNA-C
Catholic Guilt “Pink Out” from Beyond Pleasuredome
Spray Paint “Canadian Trash” from Spray Paint
This Is My Condition “Jitterbug Stomp” from Cut Loose
Skarekrau Radio “Umbra Bloom Chauffeur” from The Coital Mass of The Kuu Puu
Black Pus “The Wicked West” from Primordial Pus
Shellac “My Black Ass” from At Action Park
U.S. Maple “Ma Digital” from Acre Thrills

This Week In St. Louis: 12/14/15 - 12/20/15


Gnawed (MN)
Velvet Curtain (MN)
Dave Stone and Kevin Harris
@ CBGB / 3163 S. Grand Ave.
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Gnawed brings oppressive pulses in a way that invokes simple, primal beats while feeling totally alien. This cross-section of harsh noise and stringent structure offers the best of improvised sound inside tight, discernible pockets. St. Louis' Veil is more of a punk band, but its driving songs feel equally stabbing. Modular synthesizer melts with saxophone when Kevin Harris and Dave Stone team for a rare duo performance. 

Strong Force and OkENDO, the solo efforts of Sam Clapp of Brainstems and JJ Hamon of Demonlover respectively, open a show at Foam tonight that also features Wandering Lake from Lawrence, Kansas.  

Kismet offers the last performance of sonic freakout BICYCLEtricycle along with sets by Eric Hall, Berdella and Riftworm out of Denton, Texas. 


Scuzz (Albany, NY)
The Bubbleheads

@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / $7 / all ages

Here's a band that sounds just like its name. Scuzz is made of straight scuzz in riff form. This is hardcore with shred and a tough, guff vocal style. Shotgun drums fire off with beats whizzing past at top speed. Blink and you'll miss it. 

Fubar has a solid local lineup with Maximum Effort, Hell Night and the Maness Brothers. As if you thought "punk" wasn't "rock" enough. 


Acid Kat and Freezerburn present:
Slave Cable
Tory Z Starbuck
Dave Stone Ensemble
Beauty Pageant

@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
8 p.m. / $1 / all ages

Brace for the new FREEZERBURN zine and help stuff the stockings of your sort of loved ones. Prints will be on sale by Cullen Miller, Yeah Okay and HOW'S TRICKS, and if you're going for the music: Slave Cable features members of Strangulated Beatoffs, Willis and Soda Boys while Tory Z Starbuck performs a solo set. Freezerburn headmaster Mr. Ben leads Beauty Pageant through winding tunnels of no-wave and noise while Dave Stone Ensemble magically turns brain-matter into dust.

Springfield (MO, not IL)'s Gigantic plays at Livery along with Cave Lizard, Boreal Hills and Shrink Ray.


Sapat (Louisville, KY)
Red Squad
Van Buren
@ The Heavy Anchor / 5226 Gravois Ave.
8 p.m. / $7 / 21+

At some point, this was an all-local show and EP release for Buttercup. But Sapat out of Louisville, Kentucky (and CROPPED OUT fest alumnus) joined to round out a solid but pretty scatterbrained lineup of odd pop, punk, metal and prog-somethings. Word is, since Sapat was just added they'll be opening the show at 8 p.m. sharp. Be punctual this time. 

Spandrels from Indianpolis plays at Foam with openers Eric Hall and OkENDO -- sound familiar? Both openers are playing other shows this week, but now you can catch both at once. Travis Bursik performs a solo set to cap off an intense night of electronic music.

Over at Kismet, Chicago's Inheritance performs alongside Slave Cable, Catholic Guilt, Wow Wow Gold and a solo set from John Beabout. 

Wrong Division Playlist 12/11/2015

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Lair “Sleeper Agent Man” from Test
Melkbelly “Mt Kool Kid” from Melkbelly
Bugs and Rats “Boys Are Dumb” from Bugs and Rats
Soda Boys “Soda Pop Band” from Soda Boys
The Cowboys “Creature from the Deep” from Volume 2
Scuzz “Wasted or Wasted?” from Scuzz/Male Patterns Split
Veil “Nature of Habit” from Demo
Gnawed “Fissures” from Fissures
Riftworm “Mothman” from Edifice/Riftworm
Staghorn “Siri Skylark” from Parousia I - Kismet II
Palm “Worse” from Into the Bulk
Arvid Noe “Measuring Your Own Grave” from Arvid Noe
3 of 5 “I Saw the Sine” from Short Circuits
Ponytail “Easy Peasy” from Do Whatever You Want All the Time
Zach Hill “Dark Art” from Astrological Straits
Aheluchatistas “Sundowning” from Arrebato
Zs “Nobody Wants to Be Had” from Arms
Doom Ribbons “Prayer for Collapsing Economies” from The Violence the Violence
Gorge Trio “The Invisible Student” from Open Mouth, O Wisp
Dustin Wong “Ten Fingers” from Dustin Wong / Gentle Friendly
Extra Life “Righteous Seed” from Dream Seeds
The Dreebs “white lies” from BAITAN ORCHARD
Glenn Branca “Symphony No. 6: First Movement” from Symphony No. 6 (Devil Choirs At the Gates of Heaven)
Bad News from Houston “Invisible River” from In the Valley of the Cloud Builder
Chevreuil “Cannibal Lover” from Capoeira
Fischessen “Kittner” from Köder

This Week in St. Louis 12/7/15 - 12/13/15


Leggy (Cincinnati, OH)
Arc Flash (Lawrence, KS)
Babe Lords
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
10 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Lately, it seems like there's a conference of midwest garage rock happening at Foam every week. This edition brings Leggy, who comes from a city in Ohio that feels a lot like St. Louis, except with more hills. Lawrence's Arc Flash has a name right out of Street Fighter, but they're clearly too cool for that nerdy shit. Babe Lords and Shitstorm hold the local fort down, per usual. 


Golden Pelicans (Orlando, FL)
Bib (NE)
Wet Ones (Kansas City, MO)
Lumpy & the Dumpers
Black Panties
@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / $5-$7 / all ages

This is a TOTAL PUNK records showcase with Orlando's Golden Pelicans (shown in the video above) and two St. Louis reps in Black Panties and Lumpy & the Dumpers. Bib and Wet Ones join this stacked show that demands AT LEAST $7. Don't come in with only a fiver, this isn't 1989 -- account for inflation. 

Bernieman w/ Blight Future + more goes down at 2720 on this same night. Expect bands, burlesque and spoken word by the likes of Stephen Houldsworth among others. 


Staghorn (graphic novel release)
Path of Might
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
8:15 p.m. / free / all ages

Staghorn's latest LP has an accompanying graphic novel, which helps relate the record's concept with lush visuals. This show bring heavy, downtrodden metal with emphasis on melody and patient songwriting. 


The Cowboys (Bloomington, IN)
Soda Boys
Barbecue Boys
Smooth Talkin' Perverts
@ Livery Company / 3227 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Acid Kat presents yet another sloppy punk jammer on a Saturday night. The Livery's low ceilings will help condense all the feedback and thrashy trash can beats into thick waves of catchy rock and roll. Five bands means that this show probably starts on time. So, punk-time is just a catchy thing we should joke about but not actually do. 

Wrong Division Playlist 12/4/2015

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

Man or Astroman? “Song Of The Two Mile Linear Particle Accelerator” from A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
New England Patriots “My Dealer” from Vol. 1
PRE “Why Be Wives” from Hope Freaks
Swear Beam “Gaze” from Swear Beam
The Chads “Hunky Frankenstein” from Dynamite?
Nectar “Tell-Tale Heart” from Nectar
Phantom Head “Embrace the Beast” from South of Heaven
The Brainstems “Simple Joys” from No Place Else
Arc Flash “Tuff” from Black Market Time Tech
Bib “Baby Worm” from Demo 2015
Lumpy & The Dumpers “Flush Em” from Flexi
Golden Pelicans “Black Mold” from Oldest Ride, Longest Line
Wet Ones “Tripping” from Tripping
Pocahaunted “Touch You” from Make It Real
Brown Company “The Dancer Was No” from Brown Company
Deerhoof “Doom” from Fever 121614
Deerhoof “Fresh Born” from Fever 121614
CaveofswordS “Aviation Administration (Bursik TSA Remix)” from Gliss - The Sigils Remixes
Eric Hall “Interlude” from Eric Hall
Gold Standard “Blues” from Gold Standard
Ahleuchatistas “La Faena” from Arrebato
Hella “City Folk” from Hold Your Horse Is
Ovlov “Nu Punk” from Ovlov
Multicult “Luxury” from Multicult
Minutemen “This Ain't No Picnic” from Double Nickels On the Dime
Nü Sensae “Spit Gifting” from Sundowning
Medical Tourists “Medical Tourists” from Medical Tourists
Trauma Harness “Spear Hell” from TRIED MY HARDEST