This Week in St. Louis 11/16/15 - 11/22/15


Beta Boys (Kansas City, MO)
Lysol (Seattle, WA)
Soda Boys
@ Bonerville
9 p.m. / all ages

If you're afraid of ruining that cool black tee but still want to look punk as fuck, this band will eat those sleeves clean off. The barely-Tumblr-famous Beta Boys brings stripped down punk rock with a snotty vibe. Hate everything and everyone -- even yourself? Great, now do it in the good company of others. This is allegedly Burners' last show, a case of sudden infant death syndrome for the young punk band. 


Anybody But the Cops (MI)
Guppy (MI)
Trauma Harness
Double God

@ Melt / 2712 Cherokee St.
8 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Anybody But the Cops has been under strict lock-and-key in the DIY scene of Kalamazoo (birth-place of the ever prolific but now New York-based label Already Dead). ABtC comes drunk on Fugazi riffs with heady beats and a schizophrenic mish-mash of subgenres. Trauma Harness is a beloved trio of post-punk hometown heroes and Double God invites audience participation by asking people to punch them in the face (for real). 


The Brainstems (album release)
Little Big Bangs (album release)
Black Panties (ep release)
@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee St.
9 p.m. / $5 / all ages

Two 12" records are being released on the same night by two of south city's busiest and most beloved. Little Big Bangs and Brainstems both share common ground in their odd psych-tinged punk. While the Brainstems employs more ass-shaking and locked grooves, Little Big Bangs tears through melodic indie-rock with a sordid style that feels like each member is playing with something to prove. Bring extra cash for all that wax. 


Anodes (split release)
Laika (split release)
Path of Might
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / all ages

This split has been a long time coming and it finally sees release at this show. Anodes suffocates with its relentless riffing, only letting up to make space for ear-shattering screaming. Laika is similar but darker, bringing a post-post-hardcore all blackened and burnt. 

Stephen Houldsworth Photo Exhibit: 12 Drummers
@ Box / 3350 Ohio Ave.
6:30 p.m. / free 
Stephen Houldsworth and his husband Graham Matthews have been stalwarts of the local music scene for several years. Through their Youtube video channel (which documents a huge range of musical acts throughout the city) and Stephen's photo stream on Facebook, the couple keeps tabs on lesser-known bands and hyped acts alike. On this night, Stephen shares a special selection of photos featuring local drummers performing shirtless. The exhibit will be accompanied by live performances from CCDS - Death Squad, Sean Ballard and Drew Gowran.