Wrong Division Playlist 10/23/2015

Wrong Division airs live every Thursday evening/Friday morning from 1AM to 3AM on 88.1 FM KDHX. Stream the show and check out past playlists at KDHX.ORG.

The Pat Sajak Assassins “Yars' Revenge” from Motherboard
Hylidae “Nthe” from Intransitive
Wax Fruit “Done Before” from Wax Fruit
Rip Rap “Hate Myself” from Rip Rap
Little Big Bangs “Bang” from Star Power
The Funs “Cross Kisser” from My Survival
Veil “Hollow City” from Demo
Strangled “Cost of Living” from Body Bag
The Bubbleheads “Principle” from The Bubbletape
Ex-Cult “Midnight Passenger” from Midnight Passenger
Drunkdriver “The Accident” from Drunkdriver
Nicoffeine “Wolf in Bathtub” from AU REVOIR GOLDEN AIR
Nü Sensae “Dust” from Sundowning
This Heat “Paper Hats” from Deceit
Imelda Marcos “Dresses the Colors of Crayons” from Isa
Ahleuchatistas “Future Trauma” from Heads Full of Poison
Ovlov “The Well” from Ovlov
Eula “I Collapse” from Wool Sucking
Daniel Francis Doyle “Old Lives” from We Bet Our Money on You
Bygones “Cold Reading” from Bygones
High In One Eye “Cocaine and Jalapenos” from Neon Orange Walker EP
Times Beach “Coral” from Raw Pop
Brainiac “Simon Says” from Internationale - EP
God Is My Co-Pilot “Menarche” from Get Busy
Die Monitr Batss “Girls of War” from Girls of War
Melt-Banana “Spathic!!” from Charlie
PRE “Why Be Wives” from Hope Freaks
GUERILLA TOSS “Trash Bed” from Gay Disco