This Week in St. Louis 7/26/15 - 8/2/15


Dogbreth (AZ)
Diners (AZ)
Samo Don (Chicago, IL)
Dem Scientist
Carte de Visite
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
10 p.m. / $7 / all ages

"Pop punk" maybe doesn't fit Dogbreath to a T, but the riffs are definitely pop and the general feel is punk enough. Diners is one side of the same coin, owing to tight songs that swing through classy golden-age rock with a dash of doo-wop. Dem Scientist is the splattered brain matter of GIBBOUS, the nebulous Lumpy Recs producer and mastermind of this year's 7" single that includes the perfect "No Elevators."


Chain and the Gang (DC)
Hoonbag Moonswag
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
8 p.m. / $10 / all ages

According to Facebook, more people than double Foam's maximum occupancy will be in attendance. Arrive on time for D.C. legends drunk off humid punk sass via some lounge lizards playing no-wave. All that and more for ten bones.

Sissy Spacek (LA)
Brain Transplant
@ Kerr Foundation / 21 O'Fallon St.
8 p.m. / $10-$12 / all ages

Sissy Spacek brings brain scratching power-violence amid the harshest spattering of noise. The pieces grind together in unison, bringing forth a tightly wound chaos that reigns over gridlocked drums. John Wiese makes up one-half of the band's core, bringing the sum of his darkest work into severe focus. The result feels oppressive -- a tunnel-vision-like view of fierce string music. 


Muerte (Mexico)
Lotus Fucker (Baltimore, MD)
Life Like
@ Bonerville
9 p.m. / $7 / all ages

Heavy downbeats and thrashy all-around, Muerte brings hardcore via Mexico with little subtlety. Ear-busting and darkly intense, the band tears through its songs in rough two minute patches. Totally unyielding in every way, leaving little to the imagination. 


The Brainstems 
@ CBGB / 3163 S. Grand Ave.
9 p.m. / 21+

Two bands say goodbye in some way or another. The Brainstems see their original drummer and founding member, Kenny Hofmeister, off to continue his scholarly endeavors in California. Armadillo gives up the ghost and St. Louis sees another great band fall by the wayside. A shame, but bands don't last forever. 

Bruxism #10 feat.:
Greg Farough
DJ Tabs In
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9:30 p.m. / all ages

Yet another solid entry into Nathan Cook's bimonthly concert series, bringing thoughtful avant-garde and electro-acoustic music into tightly curated nights of short sets and quality freebies (like limited edition tapes and zines, which are typically free with entry).


Acid Kat Fest 3 feat.:
Thumbsuckers (Chicago, IL)
Phantom Head (Kansas City, MO)
Manatees (TN)
Wymyns Prysn (Atlanta, GA)
Dark Thoughts (Philadelphia, PA)
+many more
@ 2720 Cherokee
4 p.m. / $15-$25 / all ages

Click the link above for the official event page, which stays up to date with the festival's latest additions and schedule. From punk to noise to odd acts that aren't worth trying to classify (or even explain), Acid Kat Fest brings a loose-fitting fest to south city for the third year in a row. The door price is high, but when broken down the cost is still less than one dollar a band. Not a bad deal, especially for St. Louis' biggest outsider punk convention. 


Chud (Bloomington, IN)
Laffing Gas (Bloomington, IN)
@ Foam / 3359 S. Jefferson Ave.
9 p.m. / $7 / all ages

The post-Acid Kat punk-hangover extravaganza. Or a tightly wound show that wouldn't feel out of place at somewhere like Bonerville. Instead, this takes place at Foam but that won't make the event any less intense. Unless someone gets pushed through that big window in front. Chud and Laffing Gas are tops for the punk set and Posture will be fresh off the release of its new tape, Never Knows Best, which releases earlier in the week.