This Week In St. Louis 9/8/14 - 9/14/14


Waveless (MN)
@ CBGB / 3163 South Grand Boulevard
9 pm / bring donation$ / 21+

Shoegaze is one of those ever-present genres that seem to infect every other show, but Waveless takes a noisy albeit darker approach. The melodies here are front and center and never get totally buried under a blanket of delay and reverb. There's a songwriting force at work here that feels catchy but, at the same time, subversive and downright weird. Kisser takes a similar approach - but to psychedelic rock - crafting a sound that takes genre conventions in a meaner, more visceral direction. The start time says 9 pm, but expect this one to go late - that's usually how it goes at CBGB. Bring donations.

Also on Wednesday night: Kid Congo Powers and Little Big Bangs play Off Broadway.


Thumbscrew: Mary Halvorson, Michael Formanek, Tomas Fujiwara
@ Joe's Cafe / 6014 Kingsbury Avenue
7 pm / $10 / 21+

Thumbscrew makes dark jazz using atonal sounds and heady, dissonant parts. There's a certain skronkiness going on between the guitar, bass and drums, but the progression feels natural and gradual as opposed to forced or jagged. The trio's new album was just released through Cuneiform Records, who is known for Upsilon Acrux and Ahleuchatistas among other groups.

Also on Friday:


Gadabout Film Festival featuring:
Eric Hall

@ Melt / 2712 Cherokee Street
8 pm / $5 / all ages

Indiana-native Eric Ayotte makes chilled-out folk and Americana music, but that's just one of his many hats. He's also the proprietor of the traveling Gadabout Film Festival, which showcases short movies from artists all around the country. Many of the featured movies come from Ayotte's film challenges among a mass of other cool things he's involved with. The omnipresent Eric Hall opens this show along with the films of Chad Eivins aka Chizmo.TV.