This Week In St. Louis 9/4/14 - 9/7/14


Animal Lover (MN)
Foul Tip (IL)
Braining (cassette release)
Life Like
@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee Street
9:30 pm | $5 | all ages

Animal Lover brings shrill, metallic guitar sound to mid-tempo noise rock, packing dissonant riffs inside tight drumming. The songs hit hard but go by fast enough that they never wear out their welcome. Foul Tip (from Chicago) is catchy enough punk with an industrial edge by way of an overblown drum machine. Grab the new Braining tape (possibly two tapes?) for $5 or download it HERE for free.

Mongoloid (OR)
Lumpy & The Dumpers
The Warden

@ Spot down by the river / click for details
7 pm (early show) | $5 | all ages

Mongoloid is a trashy punk band by way of Portland, Oregon. Guitar solos peak out from behind a wall of nasty noise accompanied by mucousy yells. And this band features Eric, older brother of Lumpy frontman Martin Meyer. So if you're into brotherly love...

Also: Bear Cub and Black for a Second also play a free show over at the Schlafly Tap Room


DJ Spinn (IL)
DJ Paypal
Deejay Earl
with live visuals by Chizmo.TV

@ Billiken Club / 20 N. Grand Boulevard
7:30 pm | $8 for non-students | all ages

This might be an odd fit for the Wrong Division blog, but this is a DJ/footwork show worth checking out. St. Louis' own DMY (Derek Yaeger of Sine Nomine and noise project Fluff of Murder) is opening the show and our favorite warped video artist Chizmo is providing live visuals. Chicago footwork legend DJ Spinn headlines.


Pü Fest
Absolutely (WI)
Alex Body (IA)
American Cream (MN)
Black James (STL)
Broken Prayer (Chi)
Bug Chaser (STL)
The Conformists (STL)
Demonlover (STL)
Digital Leather (NE)
Eric Hall (STL)
Faultfinder (KC)
Guerilla Toss (MA)
Gymshorts (RI)
Kisser (STL)
KneeGrowPleeze (STL)
Lechuguillas (ATX)
Maximum Effort (STL)
Nervosas (OH)
Perfect Pussy (NY)
Plack Blague (NE)
Radiator Greys (DC)
Self Help (STL)
Shaved Women (LP Release show, STL)
Sioux City Pete and the Beggars (WA)
Slut River (WA)
Transmontane (Chi)
Trauma Harness (STL)
Tree Blood (MN)
Worried Mothers (NE)

Main shows happen at Empire Hall at 3407 California Avenue on Saturday and Sunday ($20 per day or $30 for the whole weekend)
Kick-off show happens Friday night at Melt at 2712 Cherokee Street (free)
featuring: Black Panties, Tone Rodent, Jack Grelle and Pizza Boys
More details on the poster below: