This Week In St. Louis 7/28/14 - 8/3/14


Nudes (WA)
Shaved Women
Lumpy & the Dumpers

@ Melt / 2712 Cherokee Street
9 pm / $5 / all ages

Nudes brings a visceral and grating style of hardcore with vocals coming straight from the gut. Shaved Women is the only band in St. Louis that can match Nudes' nihilist sound. Lumpy & the Dumpers are on the bill to show everybody that life ain't so bad after all.


American Hate (OK)
Trauma Harness
Self Help

@ Livery Company / 3211 Cherokee Street
9 pm / $7 / 21+

American Hate is a mostly straight ahead punk band driven by thick riffs and super tight drumming. It's like some dudes got together to make a band based solely on how much headbanging they could get in a single set. Everyone keeps telling you that Trauma Harness is the best band in town, so go and decide for yourself. Meanwhile, Self Help and Ruz are two local rippers that just popped up in the past year and both bands have great debut releases. A solid mix of punk and hardcore all around.


UNDERCURRENT 7 featuring:
Black James
Little Big Bangs
Jaded Evil Lambs

@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust Street
8:30 pm / free / all ages

Undercurrent is a monthly event at the Schlafly Tap Room. Anything from punk to experimental and in between happens on stage and is recorded for later use on a mixtape. Each show works as a release for the last month's cassette. Video artist Chad Eivins does live projections and free tapes are available for the first 100 attendees. This month's tape features Beauty Pageant, Solid State Disaster, the Brainstems and Cup Collector. It's a free, all ages multi-media event centered on outsider music by local weirdos.

Mortals (NY)
Immortal Bird (IL)
Alan Smithee
Cathedral Fever

@ Livery Company 3211 Cherokee Street
8 pm / $6 / 21+

Mortals should sound powerful between the Livery's tiny walls. The doom band from New York makes an audible abyss - the only way to keep your head above the muck is with earplugs, but it's likely that won't help much. Alan Smithee and Cathedral Fever are both two of St. Louis' most intense and technical bands, so it's worth checking this show out if your tastes lean toward the metallic side.