Acid Kat and Freezer Burn Zine Brings You: The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Kat Fest 2

The brains behind the Freezer Burn and Acid Kat zines are bringing you a live music festival (for the second year in a row). The show is happening at The Livery (3211 Cherokee Street). With it being a two day ordeal, you can buy a single day pass for $7 or a full weekend pass for $12. There's a pretty big list of bands playing - a lot of them coming from out of town. Check the schedule below and you'll see Fault Finder from KC, CHUD from Indianapolis, Beta Boys, King Worm, Dirty Work and a few others. And get there on time, this thing starts early in the afternoon both days.

Acid Kat and Freezer Burn won't be the only zines on hand, either. Check out this list of expected zines:
How's Tricks
SHiT! Zine (a true crime photo zine, for mature audiences only)
Dead Weight
No Content
No Animals 2 (
Shitty River Comics
Meat Organ