Upcoming Shows

Here's a few shows we're working on. More details to come, like opening bands and such. This one's for your trapper keepers, google docs & space planners:

June 19 at Schlafly Tap Room - Undercurrent 666 with The Brainstems, Beauty Pageant, Cup Collector & more

June 22 at BANK Projects - Faun and a Pan Flute (GA) & Magicicada (GA)

June 28 at BANK Projects - Fat History Month (MA) & Three Brained Robot (NC)

July 9 at Apop Records - White Suns (NY), Braining, Brain Transplant & Catholic Guilt

July 24 at The Livery - Acid Kat Fest 1.5 (Day Before Acid Kat Fest 2) with Jerkagram (NY), All People (LA), Grand Maul (Columbia) & more

July 31 at Schlafly Tap Room - Undercurrent 7 with Black James, Little Big Bangs, Laika & Jaded Evil Lambs

August 4 at Melt - Miami Dolphins (MN)

August 7 at Foam - Stella (OH)

August 15 at Melt - Glish (LA), Lair (MA), Con Trails

August 24 at Blank Space - Multicult (MD), Braining, Dad Jr.