This Week In St. Louis 5/13/14 - 5/18/14


Jaded Evil Lambs
The Top Grossing Films of 1984
The Icebergs

@ Plush Lounge (2nd floor stage) / 3224 Locust Street
8 pm / $5 / 18+

This is a quick all-locals noise gig on a quiet Tuesday night. David Bell (of Paradoxal Pterodactyl podcast) is the brains behind Jaded Evil Lambs. His dark ambient work includes harsh, shrill noise amid thick layers of industrial electronics. Worth your time.


Samantha Vacation (N.E.)
DJ Ghost Ice

@ Foam / 3359 Jefferson Avenue
9 pm / $6 / all ages

Samantha Vacation brings faux-dance jams through an odd use of late '90s samplers. The resulting retro texture come filtered through quick, snappy songs. Instead of bringing his cold wall of noise, Ghost Ice will instead open with a DJ set.

Alternatively, check out LUMPY & THE DUMPERS 7" RELEASE SHOW over at Plush's 2nd floor stage. That's 7 bux, a dollar for every inch. Cabeza Twins, Scary & the Scrapers and Bathhouse Boys open.


BRUXISM No.3 featuring:
Kingston Family Singers
(with video by Kevin Harris)
Regicide Bureau
Skull's Mind
(Ghost Ice & Raglani)
Dj: Michaella
@ Apop Records / 2831 Cherokee Street
9 pm / $5 (entry includes free zine) / all ages

Along with Undercurrent, NOiSE, Mild Power and Quiet Concerts, BRUXISM is one of the many experimental music series happening throughout 2014 in St. Louis. A collaboration between Apop Records and the close/far label curated by Nathan Cook, BRUXISM builds on different themes every month. Entry into this month's edition will net you the first BRUXISM zine, which includes interviews, photography and more.

Violent Reaction (UK)
The Flex (UK)
Cardiac Arrest
Liquor Lord

@ Bonerville / South City
9 pm / $8 / all ages

Two hardcore bands from overseas are playing a basement down the street. A shady dude called Rob will ask you for $8, but 2 bucks a band is a bargain, everything considered. Violent Reaction and the Flex are both sharp hardcore bands with catchy riffs and shrill guitar tone. The locals are OK, too. J/K, J/K


Permanent Makeup (FL)
Dad Jr.
Animal Teeth

@ Los Punk / 2709 Cherokee Street
8:30 pm / $5 / 21+

Like surf-rock on acid, Permanent Makeup makes things a little darker by bringing in a rough-edged sound. Think psych rock at punk speed but just a little uglier. Q is a killer newish band of young go-getters in St. Louis hardcore and Dad Jr. brings that walls to the balls rock that people like to jam while swallowing cans of STAG whole.

We here at WRONG DIVISION INDUSTRIES™ book shows every month. By we, I mean me, Joe. There's no reason really to brand them (like saying "THIS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY WRONG DIVISION" or whatever) but I'd like to mention a few shows that are coming down the pipeline:

Keir Neuringer (PA) at BANK Projects - May 21
Undercurrent 5 at Schlafly Tap Room - May 22

Many Arms (PA) with Kisser at BANK Projects - June 15
Undercurrent 6 at Schlafly Tap Room - June 19
Faun and a Pan Flute (GA) - June 22
Bad History Month (MA) and 3 Brained Robot (NC) at BANK Projects - June 28

White Suns (NY) - July 9
Tyranny Is Tyranny (IL) - July 11
Seventeen Again (MI) - July 15
Jerkagram (NY) - July 24
Undercurrent 7 at Schlafly Tap Room - July 31

Miami Dolphins (MN) - August 8
Glish (LA) - August 15
Undercurrent 8 at Schlafly Tap Room - August 28