This Weekend In St. Louis 4/10/14 - 4/13/14


Lizard Police (OK)
Air Glow
Falsetto Boy

@ Cafe Ventana / 3919 West Pine Boulevard
8:30 pm / $5 / all ages

Lizard Police plays something between pop and punk, but surely not pop-punk. The vocals are a little rougher than you'd expect from this type of band, but hooks and catchy melodies stay intact through heavy distortion. It's starting to feel like Summer, and this is the perfect kind of "pick up and go" music that goes well with the changing of the season. Airglow plays a rare live show and Falsetto Boy will close out the night with a full backing band.


Disco Doom (ZURICH)
Ovlov (CT)
@ Fubar / 3108 Locust Street
8 pm / $10 / all ages

Disco Doom and Ovlov are both two sides of the same alt '90s coin. When "indie" actually meant "alternative" rock in an age where "alternative" meant "mainstream." Who cares about labels anyway? This is the kind of hard-edged melodic rock punks secretly pine for, wrapped up in good, solid songs. Disco Doom is from the other side of the world, which means they won't be back any time soon. If you like the video above, make it out.

Little Big Bangs (LP Release Show)
Bug Chaser
Middle Class Fashion

@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust Street
9 pm / free / all ages

How many releases has Little Big Bangs had in the past year? Counting this - 4. One for the original CD of their self titled debut, one for their Tower Groove Records 7", one for the split tape with Barely Free Partial Prisoners, and finally, this release show celebrates the LP version of the debut record. So, essentially, this is more Big Bangs than you can handle. Go and get yr overload on that sweet, sweet grunge revival.


Finished (RI)
In Heat (RI)
Catholic Guilt
(Final Show)
@ Apop Records / 2831 Cherokee Street
9 pm / $6 / all ages

Noisy punk and metal fans would cheat themselves out of a good show if they judged the gig by the experimental opening acts. Finished and In Heat are both the kind of brutal bands that pack a visceral punch. This sounds like vomit mixed with motor oil. The opening acts are equally as abrasive - just less song oriented. This is noise duo Baba Yaga's final show ever. Taka is moving the next day, so come bye before he moves away.