This Week In St. Louis 4/21/14 - 4/27/14


New England Patriots (MA)
Beauty Pageant

@ The Livery / 3211 Cherokee Street
9 pm / $5 / 21+

New England Patriots bring a kind of vicious grunge rock through a filter of wobbly sound effects and aggro vocals. Beauty Pageant is the only straight noise band on this show, but they throw down a heavy cacophony of sound. Braining comes back after a 9 month hiatus with new songs.

Linear Downfall (TN)
Boreal Hills
Bug Chaser
The Carondelettes
(first show!)
@ Blank Space / 2847 Cherokee Street
9 pm / $6 / 21+

Both Linear Downfall and Bug Chaser pack straight ahead rock music with invasive psychedelics, reminiscent of kraut, wave and other sordid sounds all packed into one. Not sure what to expect with The Carondelettes, but it's Elly Herget's new band, so it's a safe bet.


The Night Grinder
Times Beach
Live Presentation of Triplex The Animated Series
Spoken Word by Jake Cohen and Sean Arnold

@ Schlafly Tap Room / 2100 Locust Street
8:30 pm / free / all ages / all attendees receive free cassette tape

Undercurrent is a monthly concert series brought to you by Wrong Division, The Paradoxal Pterodactyl Podcast and Chizmo.TV. Each show is recorded and thrown onto cassette, mixtape style. The tape is made available, for free, at each subsequent show. If you attended March's Undercurrent, you received the cassette from February's show. This month's tape features Lumpy & the Dumpers, Trauma Harness, Loose Screwz & Abnormal and The Fluff of Murder. Come out to the free gig, check out the video projections by Chizmo.TV and grab a free tape.

Backslider (PA)
Shaved Women
Life Like
The Warden

@ CBGB / 3163 South Grand Boulevard
9 pm / $5 / 21+

Backslider is nasty, guttural power-violence. Shaved Women is the actual sound of violence you hear when continuously stabbing your closest friend with a rusty piece of scrap metal.

Bunnybrains (IL)
Skarekrau Radio
The Conformists

@ The Way Out Club / 2525 South Jefferson
9 pm / ??? / 21+

The video above shows Bunnybrains playing at a showcase in 1994. 20 years ago. The video really tells you all you need to know about this group. Skarekrau Radio and The Conformists are two of this city's most fucked bands, so really, they're the best openers for the job.