Graham's Top Picks for February 2014

Graham Matthews bounces from show to show with a handy-cam, collecting the odds and ends of music in St. Louis. There is absolutely no genre-bend in his coverage, made evident by an ever growing Youtube channel, which features thousands of videos of independent artists. Once a month, Graham sends us a list of 5 picks from his personal channel.

The Pixies at Peabody Opera House

The Pixies played for over an hour straight. My arm was jelly by this point from holding my camera above heads without any breaks between songs. The crowd was in pure bliss all night. Even the band was smiling. Here we join Joey mid-solo, and what a strange and wonderful solo it is. Vamos!

Dem Scientist at The Livery Company
Wallet. Stolen. Dem Scientist rocked so hard, someone decided to take Andy's Slacker's credit and Qdoba gift certificate as thanks. The glamorous life of a rock 'n roll star.

Com Truise at The Firebird
VHS Sexy times for '80s robot babies. If you don't know Com Truise, he makes songs that sound like pixelated love letters sent straight to your e-heart. If you don't get it, don't worry, most humans don't.

Nos Bos at APOP
A dark dungeon, homicidal screaming, ninja masks and Godzilla playing a sick riff. Must be a Nos Bos show.

Astral Place at APOP
I heard this was only their second show. Hard to believe with their catchy songs. Hope they don't disappear before we know it. I couldn't find any recordings online, so this might be it. Now you can listen to The Fed Ex Guy song on repeat like I have been doing. It's unforgettable.